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Zhang Xiaoming yelled,Hesitatingly said,“well,I have watched the Romance of the Three Kingdoms,Cao Cao lost the Huarong Road section,Wouldn’t Liu Yuan really ambush an air defense missile and wait for us??”

“To shut up!”
“shut up!”
Everyone glared at Zhang Xiaoming,Zhang Xiaoming was shocked,Retracted to be a quail。
Although I sacrificed a co-pilot,Captain Rubio was also killed、root,But after all, it was just over the Pacific Ocean and the East Ocean Navy.,I have nothing to say about physical strength and willpower,Yang Pingfan hesitated,Or take out a medical compound medicine,Hit Rubio’s arm,Although it can’t help him live long、root,At least not dead。
Two drivers operatingC/47The transport plane continues to fly west on the snowy plateau,The majestic snow mountain stands tall,To show humans its majesty,A few rough guys have no artistic quality,I was sleepy after watching,Only Li Lan can see it,Suddenly pulled Yang Pingfan,“Look,That is Gang Rinpoche!”
Yang Pingfan rubbed his wistful eyes,“What Gangzi Boji?”
“Mount Kailash,”Li Lan corrected,Solemn expression,“do you know?Higher than in snow,The long-cherished wish of many people,To go to Gang Rinpoche for a pilgrimage,The plateau is not short of sacred mountains,But Tibetan Buddhism、Bon、Hinduism、The four major sects of Jainism,But they all regard Gang Rinpoche as the head of the sacred mountain,Center of the world。”
Yang Pingfan suddenly became interested,“Oh?It’s not the Himalayas?
Li Suifeng next to me is also interested,Professor Li is very knowledgeable,Casually give everyone a science education,”of course not,There is a saying that the roof of the world is in Tibet,The roof of Tibet in Ali。
There is a small mountain in the south of Ali,Gangdise Mountains,The main peak is only6638Gang Rinpoche,The southern part of the Gangdise Mountains is the famous highest mountain in the world——Himalaya,just8000There are mountains above meters10seat,It stands to reason that it is the center of the world,Why can’t it be Gang Rinpoche?,But the melting water of the snowy mountains of Gang Rinpoche,Gave birth to four big rivers——Ma Quanhe、Shiquanhe、Xiangquanhe、Peacock he。
Ali is beautiful,Snowy mountains、Rivers、Grassland,But it’s not really suitable for survival。
The huge mountains of the Himalayas to the south,Blocks the warm and humid air from the Indian Ocean;The Kunlun Mountains block the flow of the westerly circulation to the north。
average4500Meters above sea level,Oxygen thin,Snow, wind and hail raging,The reflection of snow and glaciers exacerbated the cold。17
High altitude makes it difficult for crops to grow,The ancestors can only survive through nomadism。This lifestyle is very dependent on the environment,Thousands of years ago,It is difficult for the ancestors to explain the strange and strange natural phenomena on the snow-covered plateau,I feel dimly that there is a supernatural power,Control and dominate nature。
After the long and complicated god-making movement of the primitive people,About3500Years ago,The original Bon religion was born。Primitive Bon believes“Animism”,Mountains around Bong、lake、water、wind、snow、Hail and animals are gods。
The Bon religion born in the corner of the snowy plateau,Is one of the oldest religions in the world,You know, except for Brahmanism and Zoroastrianism,The rest are mostly pan-god worship and simple sacrifices,Has not yet taken shape。
Around AD6Century time,Xinraomiwo Unified Plateau,The Xiangxiong Dynasty was established in the Xiangxiong area not far from Gang Rinpoche,And reformed the original Bon religion into Yongzhong Bon religion。
Xiangxiong era,Tribal chief、The princes, nobles and subjects are all crawling at the feet of Gang Rinpoche,Pray for its blessing。