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Liu Tang sent all his subordinates to assist in the excavation,The scene of nearly a million people working together is spectacular,They quickly opened up more than fifty tunnels,There are hundreds of thousands in every tunnel,Up and down,Each tunnel is divided into ten shifts for rotation excavation,All the fairy crystals are uniformly distributed by the coach Liu Tang。

Because it’s not digging for yourself,Many female fairies show negative sabotage,Liu Tang accepted Lei Tianzi’s opinion,Reward mechanism has been released in each team,Any team that excavates a lot,There will be a variety of fairy crystal rewards,Laggards have corresponding punishments。
After this rule is published,The mining speed immediately increased by more than ten times,Every cultivator refuses to fall on others(shēn)Rear,Dig desperately。
It’s not that Liu Tang is too greedy,Want to occupy the entire fairy crystal,But the prospects they face now are not wonderful,Not only are there strong enemies on all sides,No organization supports them yet,Lack of support from teammates,No one knows how long a unit can last。
If the whole team collapses、People’s hearts are lost,It’s not easy to bring,I can only go back to the time when my hands were empty,It’s not that there is life worry,But lack of resources(qíng)It is difficult to achieve ideals under circumstances。
Ten days later,They opened up more than 300 tunnels,Human resources are diverted again,And the original ten shifts became three shifts,Everyone reduced the time to rest and practice,The unearthed fairy crystal suddenly soared eighty times。
Tianzi Lei seemed more satisfied,Talk to yourself:“This is like a rich fairy crystal mine,It seems that there will be hundreds of thousands of years of birth,This death star can give birth to the source of God,From a dead star to a green planet,After the fairy crystal containing majestic energy is excavated,Shenyuan will not be born,The death star will be dead forever,There is no possibility of resurrection。”
Lei Tianzi is not considering the future of the Death Star,But need to compete with the cultivators of the Fire Talisman,Whoever starts quickly can get more fairy crystals。
One month later,They dug a distance of two thousand miles,Open up thousands of tunnels,this day,There are female fairy reports:“grown ups,We heard the thunderous sound of heart palpitations from underground。”
After Lei Tianzi listened to the notes in the jade slip,You can’t find any examples in history,Move like a rock(dàng),It’s like the sound of the rapids of the sea,
He concentrated for a moment,Say flatly:“command,Stop digging,Assemble now,Be fast。”
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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Seven Baby unearthed
After receiving the order, the excavation team quickly assembled,The assembly of immortal cultivators usually enters the magic weapon space of the leader,The leader will fly to the pointing place with the magic weapon space,Therefore, the team of close to one million people became thousands of people in just a few breaths.,Then become hundreds of people、Dozens of people gathered together。
Lei Tianzi’s eyes looked around,Shen Sheng said:“Is anyone missing from each team??”
“No more。”Middle-level leaders reply。
“go。”Emperor Lei put everyone in the hat space,Then he flew deep into the tunnel,Silence all around,Sure enough, I could hear the louder and louder sounds。