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Simple local coking device,To facilitate gas collection,May need to modify the coke accumulation method a little,It’s best to keep one vent,The best way to improve efficiency is to build a coke oven,This can be done in ancient times,Because there was a blast furnace in the Eastern Han Dynasty,To burn ceramics later,Kiln technology is absolutely clear。

With ammonia,The next thing to do is to find an absorption medium,Absorb ammonia,Then made into nitrogen fertilizer,The absorption medium is nothing more than acid,Sulfuric acid is common,Hydrochloric acid and nitric acid。
Sulfuric acid is most convenient here,The production of hydrochloric acid is more complicated,Need to electrolyze salt water,Then we need to make hydrogen and chlorine、Gas burner,This was more difficult in ancient times。
As for nitric acid,This is more complicated,Either discharge the air at a high voltage to obtain nitrogen oxides,Or get it by ammonia oxidation,Obviously this is technically very difficult。In summary, it is most convenient to use sulfuric acid to absorb。
Sulfuric acid production method,Lead chamber method can be used,This is an ancient chemical production method,Mainly used sulfur has been burnt with saltpeter,Sulfur burns to produce sulfur dioxide,Nitrite burns to produce nitrogen oxides,Nitrogen oxides oxidize sulfur dioxide to form sulfur trioxide,Sulfuric acid。
Of course, there is an older method in this space-time,That is to directly dry distillation of the minerals formed by sulfate,Also get concentrated sulfuric acid,Time and space,Alchemists in the Eastern Han Dynasty played,Just need to find the minerals of green vitriol or bile vitriol,Then set up a pot and burn it directly。
As for the container issue,It’s also very simple,Sulfuric acid is highly corrosive,Iron pans must not work,But it can’t stand the advanced technology of ancient Chinese ceramics,Wok won’t work,It’s very easy to get a ceramic water tank。
Concentrated sulfuric acid will be obtained after dry distillation of green alum,At this time, you need to pour some water into it to turn it into dilute sulfuric acid,Then get a pipe,Just pass the coking gas into this tank,After ammonia and dilute sulfuric acid come into contact, ammonium sulfate is formed,Finally a solution of ammonium sulfate can be obtained。
In fact, the solution with ammonium sulfate can be directly used as fertilizer。
The next step is to improve crop planting methods,Use chemical fertilizers and pesticides to achieve a substantial increase in production,Food is the first problem that travellers solve,Solved the food problem of the people,Naturally can be supported,Don’t panic with grain in hand。
Enough food can supply a large number of handicraftsmen and even workers who have separated from agricultural production,Exchange for production materials,Make crossbow armor,Expand the site,Enough population to upgrade,Small-scale production of firearms,At the same time began to establish a production line for daily necessities, decorations and luxury goods,Make money through export trade,Part of the profit earned expands production,Part is used to invest in education,Training young generations with modern knowledge,Realize a virtuous circle……
Su Yu ambitious,I want to replicate Yang Pingfan’s successful experience,I also want to realize a dream of a translator who transforms the old world,I just didn’t expect to start the first step,Solved the food problem,Liu Yuan stopped other work。
The members of the traversing team scattered around gathered to Wuchang,Because Cao Cao is here again。