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Three Talking Room,The prince has walked the corridor,Two people around Simalun greet him:“Zhao Wang Sima Lun welcomes the Prince’s car。”

The emcee screamed,Drumming around,King Zhao stuck in place like a pillar,There is no meaning to salute at all。
Sima Xiao was pulled by Yang Pingfan,Haven’t recovered yet,“Uh……Ok……that’s it,Hard work, Zhao Wang。”
Simalun lightly clamps the horse belly,Rush forward,Shouted,“The minister is to eliminate the treacherous,Restore the Prince’s orthodoxy,This is Sun Xiu,Zhiri Tadazumi,Sex act,Xiaochang Military,Now the prince is in trouble,No one around,Chen specially recommended to the prince,Willing to wash the horse for the prince,Help the prince divide his worries,The prince must also agree。”
As soon as this remark comes out,The crossing group almost sprayed,Have seen shameless,Never seen such a shame,I started to beg for officials before working,And when he opened his mouth, the Prince was washing the horse。
Prince washing horses is not the official who helped the prince washing horses,But the head of the East Palace,Third grade,The third rank of the Wei and Jin Dynasties is equivalent to the rank of vice premier of later generations。
Everyone in the traversing group also met for the first time the Sima family prince who provoked the Eight Kings.,Look carefully,I saw him with a long face and short beard,A beard under the nose,Raised eyebrows,Corner of the eye,At first glance, it looks heroic,But the eyes show the cunning and greed of the people in the market。
Simalun in history is the son of Sima Yi,Feng Anletinghou in the Cao Wei Dynasty,Later entered the Feng Dong’anzi,Doctor Ren Jianyi,After the establishment of the Western Jin Dynasty,Prince Feng Langya,Later changed to Zhao Wang。
General Pingbei、General Anbei and others,General Ren Zhengxi、When guarding the gate,Qiang people caused by unknown rewards and punishments、Di Rebellion,So he was recalled to the capital。
Original history,Prince Sima Hu was killed by Jia Hou’s party,Sima Lun took the opportunity to inspire Sima Yujiu’s Ministry and Qi Wang Simajie and others to attack the Jiahou party feathers,Provoking the second stage of the Eight Kings Rebellion。
Break through Chang’an in the same year,Jia was killed,Simalun took the opportunity to kill the political enemy Huainan Wang Sima Yun who was dissatisfied with him,After Sima Yun’s death,Simalun proclaimed himself the Governor、Xiangguo and other titles,soon,Forcing Emperor Hui to abdicate,Self-reliance,Change,But he means,Seize the throne by conspiracy,There are too many people who are upset at the Jin court,Just proclaimed the emperor,All kinds of crusades one after another,The Jin Dynasty was completely in a mess。
Brief summary,Zhao Wang Simalun is a great talent,It’s just a messy shit stick,Can say this,It’s worthy of him。
Yang Pingfan carefully looked at Sun Xiu who was standing beside Simalun,To say that this is also a celebrity,Is Smalun’s confidant and first adviser。
History books say he is good at flattering,Good at book,Quite favored,Once actively planning for Simalun,Count the prince by divorce,Kill Queen Jia,Ascend the throne。
Good at playing power,Corruption,Javier must be reported,The person in front of you is a handsome boy,Although the clothes are nondescript,But reveals a sense of rebelliousness,Cunning eyes,Gu Lulu spins around the four。
Sima Yao agreed without much thinking,One sentence comes out,Simalun loosened his sullen face,Burst into a hearty laugh,clap hands,A team of maids swarmed up,Revealing,High nose and deep eyes,Fair skin,He is not a Chinese,Yingying Yanyan,Make the prince’s eyes straight,Like a gust of wind,Rolling the prince into the accompanying car,Others lead the people through the group,Enter Yecheng together。
After entering the city,Sima Xiao was arranged to live in the palace,The people who passed through the group were arranged to live in Jian’an Station,The middle-aged scholar talks to Sima Lun again,“The prince is now in the army,It is clear that justice can be the name of the prince,Call on the clan kings,King Qibingqin,Shangluo Qingjun side,Get rid of the treacherous,Clear the world……”
“Lord Zhang meant to invite other princes to join in?Could it be that I don’t believe in the strength of King Zhao,I think our prince can’t defeat Luoyang?”
Sun Xiu’s yin and yang strangeness,Make Simalun’s face gloomy。