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Discipline law enforcement people, the rectification of chaos for the people

"The proletarian movement is the vast majority of people, the interests of the vast majority of people independent of the movement." From 1848 Marx and Engels in the "Communist Manifesto" solemnly declared the beginning of the proletarian party just for the masses interest after another. Mao said with deep feeling, Communist Party members is a special kind of people, they totally unselfish, but only seek benefits for the nation and the people. Jiangshan is the people, the people are Jiangshan. The century-old party, the party’s history is a history of early heart practice mission, is a party and the people heart to heart, with the common fate of history.

Adhere to the fundamental starting point for people-oriented fundamental position, our party caught discipline, focus and style of the end result.

Historically, the people’s army "Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention" was originally established as a discipline and rules, establish a good image in the people, the Party and the masses become the Red Army "real impregnable fortress."

As early as in Soviet times, the supervisory authority to "stand firmly on the farm laborers, poor peasants, middle peasants, urban poor workers’ interests of the working people" to implement policies. After the founding of New China, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to "strengthen the ties between the Party and the masses" as a discipline inspection work one four major tasks, stressed that "party members and cadres in the correct methods of work do not pay attention, do not care about the interests of the masses, do not listen to their opinions, from the masses suppress error democratic thought and style, as well as serious misconduct, the party truly become the people’s trust and support of the leadership. "

In the new era, our party adhere to the people-centered development thinking, adhere to the "all masses have strong questions have to be treated seriously, all acts that harm public interests should be resolutely corrected", the renovation of the masses around corruption and style issues as a top priority.

Iron discipline escort tackling poverty, fight corruption misappropriation, false impersonator, superior kind and affectionate friends question; smell so moving to join the epidemic prevention and control exams, thorough investigation of violation of discipline and epidemic prevention, poor implementation of the vaccination liability issues; glued behind the evil case corruption, accountability and style issues, root out corruption and gangs involved in evil "umbrella" …… by one case, a key regulation, supervision and again and again, so that the people get a sense of fineness is greater, more sustainable well-being, security and more security, fairness and justice in the full sense of the party strictly. The people is the largest political, so that people are satisfied with that and discipline, values and fundamental standards work style.

Currently, people yearning for a better life, manifested in terms of the need for fairness, justice, security, environment continues to improve, the cadres honest, clean government, politically developed increasing demands.

I have something to call, I have something to do.

Discipline inspection organs must adapt to new expectations of the people, adhere to what the people against what hate, resolutely prevent and correct what further strengthen farmer-friendly and enriching the people, policies and measures to promote the common prosperity of the implementation of supervision and inspection; sustained correction "Four Winds "fostering new; deepen the transition period to carry out special supervision, promote the expansion of tackling poverty consolidate the results of an effective interface with rural revitalization; continuing repair of medical education, old-age social security, environmental protection, production safety, food and drug safety, law enforcement, judicial and other areas of corruption and errors wind; resolutely punish evil syndicate involving "umbrella", solve the people heart and soul "trouble worry hope" problem, do discipline law enforcement people, the rectification of chaos for the people. Zhongli and, also cite the lack of roaring.

Positive wind Su Chi corruption, both to the people, but also to rely on the people, so that the people involved in supervision in the past.

The masses should be smooth channels of supervision, supervision and integration of grass-roots strength, increase the intensity of supervision and restraint of grassroots cadres and public officials with the right to feel let cadres supervision, accustomed to being supervised, so that the people know there is supervision, participation in supervision, and constantly enhance supervision by the masses at the grassroots level the role and effectiveness of governance, the promotion of grassroots governance more perfect, the party cadre closer. (Editor: Xu Yuxi, Zhang Tao Ying).