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City League is Liaoning Thick Basketball Soil

Original title: Urban League is July 3, 2021, the city-men’s basketball league in Liaoning Province, will open the battle in Panjin City. This is the first large-scale event organized since the establishment of the Basketball Sports Association in Liaoning Province. In response to the leading events launched by basketball physical reform.

"At present, basketball movement is very good in Liaoning Province. In the case of CBA, we launch such a housing basketball match, which is also a good thing for the fans.

"On June 23, Han Weimin, a consultant, Liaoning Province, said in an interview." Since it is called ‘City League’, our rules are a city a team.

According to our understanding, there are two ways to build a team in various municipalities. One is to select a team directly through the city’s amateur league, and the second is to make a basketball team representing the city through the game selection team.

"Han Weimin said this.

According to the schedule, 12 teams divided into two groups according to the lottery, respectively in Panjin and Fuxin Division, and the first four went out of the group, and then the knockout in the main service.

Why use this system? Han Weimin explained: "Because this event is start-up, the provincial basketball team is not very understanding of the participating team. If the strength of the two parties, the strength of the game is too disappearance, and the scene will not look good."

After spending the exploration phase, the event is mature, and we will directly carry out the main guest game. According to Han Weimin, the team will end in July, the knockout will be carried out in 6 weeks from August to September. The elimination match uses the three-war two wins, the team has a better team to play more home.

The reason why it is designed, but also to reduce the cost of the team to and from the main road.

"Anything has a starting stage, 14 cities in Liaoning Province, the first year’s urban league has 12 teams, this proportion is very high. By holding a provincial event, it will help each city to build a team building. Pay attention to, expand the basketball population, discover more good seedlings, form a benign circulation, which is the original intention of our establishment of the city league.

"Han Weimin truthfully said. (Editor: Xiao Yuan, Danglong).