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Beautiful China (Wanghai Building) with the cultivator and the natural harmonious symbiosis

  Small-off is not comprehensive, and the quality of ecological environment is critical. Cannot announce a comprehensive construction of a well-off society, and the ecological environment is still very poor.

Now, we have built a well-off society in China. Then, what is the quality of ecological environment in my country? The data is evidence.

2020 national high-level and above urban air quality is 87%, and the proportion of excellent water body in the national surface water is increased from 66% in 2015 to 2020%, and the national contaminated cultivated land safety utilization and pollution block safety utilization Double doubles more than 90%, the national forest coverage reached% … The informative data casts a bright ecological transcript.

On August 18th, the press conference held by the State Council Information Office, my country’s "13th Five-Year Plan" planned outlined the staged goals of the pollution prevention and control of the war, and the ecological environment improved significantly. Green development in a comprehensive and high-quality development of high-quality development in a comprehensive construction of a well-off society. Ordinary people can feel the charm of good ecology from the side. The "color" of the sky is higher than a year, and the air is fresh in the year. The results of the National Bureau of Statistics show that the public’s satisfaction between the public has reached the amount of ecological environment, and it is more than a percentage point than 2017.

The owner of nature, the animals are also frequently surprised – Yunnan Wild Pieces Tour Group from "North Tour" to "South Return", the giant panda is threatened from "endangered" to "easy", " Smiling Angels "Changjiang Jiang Dolphin is frequently unveiled, the magnificent scene of the" Wan Wool "in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau … The beautiful China ‘s construction has achieved increasing progress in promoting people and nature harmonious symbiosis. A series of fruitful results are not easy, and they are inseparable from the country. From the moment, we have a top floor design: One; "Enhanced Green Water Qingshan is the awareness of Jinshan Yinshan" is written to the party constitution; ecological civilization is written into the Constitution … From the small place, we have embroidered mens: from a tree, a bag of garbage classification disposal To a wasteland, accurate, scientific, and decentralized according to law.

It is based on that my country’s ecological environment has historic, translucent, global changes, and all localities will be prioritized, and the road to green development is, the wider widespread.

  Summary of results, we are more concerned about future. In 2035, the beauty of China’s construction goals will be basically realized.

For this goal, the "14th Five-Year Plan" period is overwhelmed.

At present, my country’s ecological civilization has entered the key strategic direction of low-carbon, promotes the growth of decontamination and carbon coordination, promotes the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, and realizes the improvement of ecological environmental quality changes from the mass change. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", it was resolutely laying on pollution control and controlling the battle; "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we must deepen the pollution prevention and control attack – from "resolute" to "deep", the word change, bright China’s ecology The firm determination of civilized construction. Due to the most convincing, China not only strives to build the modernization of people and natural harmony, but also the overall layout of carbon peaks, carbon into ecological civilization, and conduct a wide and profound economic and social system. Beautiful China Construction Not only Fuze Chinese people, but also the embodiment of China ‘s responsibility.

  The new journey of the construction of beautiful China has been opened, and their respective roadmaps have been developed across the country. Production development, rich in life, good cultivation of Jinxiu, China, is moving toward us.

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