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Enhanced service capabilities for people (new book review)

  Grassroots governance is the cornerstone of national governance. "The Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee on Strengthening the Construction of Grassroots Governance System and Governance Capacity Modernization" Strengthens Township (Street) "is an important part of strengthening the construction of grassroots political management capacity.

The book of "Township-Town Government Responsibility Research in Rural Public Products" (Publishing House) (Publishing House Publishing) of Rural Public Products is studied and explored.

  On the basis of analyzing the status of the township government in the grassroots governance system, the supply of rural public service products is focused on the problem of rural public service products, and analyzes the problems in the supply of rural public goods and analyzes the specific reasons. In order to provide farmers with more public products, it is better to meet the development of agricultural production and farmers’ life. The book has reference value for the promotion of township government functions, building a service township government, and strengthening the modernization of grassroots governance systems and governance capacity modernization.

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