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2021 Shanxi · Taiyuan Talent Intelligence Exchange Conference will be held at the end of October

  Original title: Issue the "Invitation" 2021 Talent Intelligence Exchange Conference at the end of October 16, "2021 Shanxi · Taiyuan Talent Intelligence Exchange Conference" is scheduled to go to October 30th. On the 31th, he was held in the Jinyang Lake International Convention Center. This year’s Talent Intelligence Exchange Conference is hosted by the Provincial People’s Office, the Provincial Employment Service Office, the provincial human resources market, the provincial study abroad, and the expert service center.

The main contents include recruitment negotiations, entrepreneurship display, talent project negotiation, trainee docking, corporate road performance. It will organize 500 recruitment units (400 households in the province, 70 households outside the province, 30 overseas labor output agencies 30) admission to college graduates and all kinds of job seekers build an employed platform; propaganda has driven in recent years Employment policies, measures, exhibition promotion 2021 outstanding entrepreneurship project; launching high-level talent demand issuance and negotiation, showing the specific measures of talents in our province, promoting our province’s good talent development environment; organize province Employment trainee promotes employment trainee policies, exchanges and docking with college graduates;

  This conference is for public welfare large-scale recruitment activities, recruitment unit booth, venue, and recruitment boards are free, on-site settings, recruitment district, entrepreneurial display area, talent project negotiation area, trainee docking area, enterprise road row, for the employee unit And job seekers provide on-site recruitment negotiation services.

The employer who participated in the recruitment activity logs in Shanxi Talent Network () registered enterprise member, uploading business license, after publishing position information, click on the "2021 Shanxi · Taiyuan Talent Intelligence Exchange Conference" icon to book the Assembly Recruitment booth.

(Reporter Li Xiao).