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Hainan: the orchid fragrance is rich in the road to rural revitalization

People’s Net Bao Ting November 5 (Li Hairong, Fu Wuping, Niu Liangyu) In recent years, Hainan Baoting Nanlin Township Robiu Village passed the "Company + Cooperative + Farmers" model, vigorously developing the orchid planting industry, driving the mass income, rich, Promote the revitalization of rural villages. At present, there are more than 124 acres of orchid in the village, and the villagers’ dividends will reach 1 million yuan in 2021.

"I used to work in Shenzhen. I can come back once for half a year. Now I work at home, and I can take care of children every month.

In the early morning, Luoji Valentine’s orchid base planting workers Lu Fenghui started a day in the orchid base, covering an area of ??32 acres of orchid base situated in the center of the village, Lu Fenghui can go to and from every day. In Baobao, Lu Fenghui’s situation No special. Dangdu Village, Luoji Village, the orchid planting base is full, the orchids of different varieties are neat, the villagers Huang Ling is busy cutting the flowers, Huang Ling husband died in the early years, the old man is sick, can’t go out of the village She is employed in the orchid base. "Now the income is stable, I hope to go to college for two children.

Huang Ling said. At present, the Orchid base of Baociting is put into the large-scale opportunity for local people. Each year’s revenue can reach 100-150 yuan, with a relatively stable source of income, more and more poor people take the initiative Apply to join the orchid base. (Editor: Chen Haiyan, Jiang Chengliu) Sharing let more people see.