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"Sheep" experts who help farm and herders get rich – remember the national outstanding party workers Xu Huijuan

Xu Huijuan hosted the hometown of the goat.

In July, Chifeng, the mountains were dripped, and Wan Puchi.

In Barlin Right Banner Chifeng City, the leader of the Handa Baihan Sheep Shanchang, Ju Huijuan, who has just been rated as a national excellent party worker, is conveyed by colleagues in the "July 1 Medal", celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The General Assembly posetted the important speech of General Secretary of the General Assembly.

She said: "General Secretary’s speech makes me encouragement, I am a sheep, working in North Xin for more than 30 years, I haven’t left the sheep industry, my initiality and mission is to make the leader on the grassland, put their own youth, talent Dedicated to the farmers and herdsmen and my loved on the prairie! " Give full play to the leading role of the party building, let the sheep industry benefits people’s livelihood, become the "leading sheep" of the masses to get rid of rich roads, and she uses actual actions to explain and write a mission and responsibility of excellent party workers.

In 2014, Barn Right Banner meat sheep priced into the trough, Xu Huijuan looked in his eyes, urgent in his heart. With the technical expertise, the Party member of the organization of the Branch will carry out the cultivation of the meat sheep in the Bahrain Right Banner Xindago cooperative, and take the lead in carrying out the artificial insemination, the early break of the lamb, and the new generation of goods, the realization The raw rush of the meat sheep, saving the "burning urgent" in the sheep industry. Today, the emelet of Bahrain’s Mount Pasto Pastoral Professional Cooperative has developed from the original 1300 to now 4,500, and the annual profit reached more than 4 million yuan, and all this is inseparable from Xu Huijuan to her team.

Building a fortress, in order to build a high-quality team of high-quality teams in the farmers and herdsmen, Xu Huijuan always put the party construction work in front, actively play the furnishings of the party organization and the pioneering model of party members.

In order to better play the characteristics and professional specialties of the party branch, she has built the "party membership service team" of animal husbandry technology, sending technical delivery services to farmers and herdsmen, guiding them into the road to scientific breeding.

She often speaks on colleagues: "The work we have in contact with the people of the farmers and herdsmen have been in contact with the pastoral work, convey the party’s voice, the image we establish, is the image of the party who serves the people wholeheartedly!" She is striving to maintain the national unity, tightly unite the party members and cadres to jointly cultivate the consciousness of the Chinese nation, play technical advantages, do a good job of animal husbandry, and strive to improve the income of farmers and herdsmen.

In the winter of 2020, a big snow, the temperature suddenly drops to zero 30 degrees Celsius, but the cold does not block the sheep industry technology guidance expert Xu Huijuan and other people’s footsteps, they came to Bahrain Right Banques to find dried Mu, Mu, Sumuhaba Check, in the sheep circle of the herdsmen, carefully observe the longitation of the lamb, patiently explain the nursing techniques of the ewes and lambs after snow disaster.

Key Supplementary Demonstration Households, and actively use new farming technology. In 2020, the income broke through 300,000 yuan, and driven around the pastors to get rich roads. For more than 30 years, Xu Huijuan has led the "Party Services Team" to guide the guidance, technical services more than 200,000, training agricultural technicians and farmers and herdsmen, and adjust the industrial structure of the Bahrain, driving farmers and herdsmen. Demonstration leads. She led the technical team to become the ninth batch of "grassland" innovation teams in the autonomous region, and she has also received the third prize of the National Ministry of Agriculture, the first prize of the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Awards, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Third Prize, Chifeng First prize of the Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, 4 of the scientific and technological achievements. Definct innovation, in the production of the first line of animal husbandry for many years, Xu Huijuan will work with the rigorous attitude of scientific researchers, the responsibility, and the work style of the fleece goat, the meat industry.

In the poverty alleviation, in order to let the sheep industry benefits people’s livelihood, she has become a "leading sheep" on the road to getting poverty to the road. She continuously improves the "party building complex + industry consortium" model, so that the party building has become a booster for developing the sheep industry, achieving Multi-winning goals.

The party construction joint with the party’s party building of the China Agricultural University Biology, organized the "beautiful township, the establishment of a party" "beautiful township line, thinking about the construction of thinking", and gradually reached Industrial cooperation helps the work goal of the revitalization of rural resolution; and establishing a breechy party to build a contract with Chau Puli Party, developing a galvanar industry. Help Chifeng City Leading Enterprise Dongrong Group successfully applied for "organic velvet" brand, and guided its way to establish a silver goat breeding cooperative in Qigong Mu and Sui, use the company to help poor households to send a sheep to improve the sheep At the same time, the company recovered cashmere with a price of 40 yuan per kilogram than the market price, and realized poor households.

She took the lead in playing the role of the party organization of the Member of Bayan Wushi Town Meat and Sheep and Sheep and Sheep and Sheep and Sheep and Sheep and Sheep and Sheep and Sheep and Sheep, I passed the demonstration, and the Triada Village, the town of Shantua, and Tongba Village, carried out the artificial artificial insemination of the artificial technology service, due to economic benefits Obviously, 80% of the villages have done the improvement of meat sheep, from the initial unacceptable, do not cooperate, become active learning, scientific breeding … a piece of pile, the farmers, the farmers, every serious thing Just show that the thumb is excited: "If there is no such party member cadres, we will struggle on the poor line today …" Keep in mind the mission, to cultivate good quality and high-quality parties for the country. It is a productivity. It is competitiveness. It is a cohesive force.

In 2015, she served as the secretary of the Shanfang Party Branch. After she took office, she worked tirelessly. One person took a number of work, and the project was found to find funds. It took a huge change in a short time: New Standardized Sheepstick 4360 square meters, laboratory and training center, 600 square meters of float library, 2,300 cubic meters of silage, 2,300 cubic meters of cyclic endoscopy, B-ultrasound, fluff analyzer, etc., for the pasture, Ended the pasture 20 years without electricity history. The production and living conditions in the field have been greatly improved, and the scale of breeding is continuously expanding, and scientific research facilities continue to be complete.

Xu Huijuan’s development ideas will be clear, and the development of business is continuously expanded, and cooperate with multiple research institutes, adhere to the production of school research, and push the combination, fruitful results. Many years of practical experience makes her key to the development of animal husbandry. It is often brought by branch party members to study business, promoting technological innovation, researching the promotion of embryo transfer, sympathy, artificial insemination, jivet, etc. All walks in the forefront of the country.

In 2019, she participated in the "Flush Mao" Development Research Report "and received the research report of the Agricultural Rural Ministry of Intelligence Management Division. She also became the national fluffy sheep industry technology system comprehensive test station, the Chinese agricultural technology promotion technology instructors, and the sheep farm became the "leading sheep plan" scientific research practice base, national animal diseases purification, "Rare" The new standard of the mountains and white pears has passed the review of the autonomous region. Tap the root base, dedication to Northern Xinjiang.

Referral to your work, Xu Huijuan said: "Next, we will continue to carry forward the scientific spirit, promote party building and business work, lead our technical team to the industrial development, rural revival, continue to contribute.

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