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"Governance New Theory" – find grassroots governance gold ideas, this seminar depth decoded "Shanghai practice"

"Governance New Discussion" series of seminars held the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council, "Opinions on Strengthening the Modernization of Grassroots Governance System and Governance Capacity" proposes: Strengthening township (street) administrative execution capacity, for the people’s service capabilities, negotiation capacity, emergency The ability to manage, safe construction, and strengthen the construction of grassroots intelligence management capacity.

"The highlight of the opinions is to mention emergency management." Tao Xidong, a researcher of the Institute of Sociology, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, believes that after the epidemic, the safety of the grassroots is the first major event, there is no safety, why talk toughness and high quality life. In addition, digital transformation is trend. He pointed out how to improve grassroots leadership, mobilize the vitality of the people, is the direction of future development. Feng Meng, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Shanghai Normal University, believes that Shanghai "Six Ability" is in the forefront of the whole country.

"Shanghai’s advantage is that the conversion between different governance scenes is very smooth, including this Disney to match the epidemic investigation incident, it is very timely; the ability to respond to routine life is also very prominent, this will make the whole society to bear the society There is a relatively low governance cost; in addition, Shanghai’s grassroots level is constantly innovative, providing a lot of governance tools or governance methods.

"Jing’an District is the city where Shanghai is the first to raise the standard construction of the neighborhood committee.

Huang Weihua, deputy director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Jing’an District, said that in terms of the grassroots "reduction in incidence", Jing’an District passes standardized, standardized approach, empowering grassroots, reducing duplicate labor, reducing the curve, letting "newborn team" quickly transformed into bobics and backbone . At the same time, based on this, expand the exhibition, deep connotation, make a good combination, help the residential area in a complex daily work, and more accurately and more accurately and more accurately. In recent years, the streets of Baoshan Road surrounded the "hard" and leading the "hard strength" leading to create a better life.

Yu Yinshi, deputy secretary of the Party Work Committee of Baoshan Road, pointed out that the construction of a network is united, one network, and the grid party builds this "three network" construction, and through the "red Baoshan" to achieve spiritual leadership, build a party group life service circle.

She said: "I hope that our better life will make our residents become a way of living in a habit.

"Deputy Professor, Associate Professor, East China Normal University, said that Shanghai needs further effort in how to mobilize the foundation of the grassroots.

On the one hand, there is a great help and role to solve the ability to negotiate, emergency management capabilities, and safe construction; on the other hand, in the process of solving the problem, community autonomy can be given to residents, let residents or social organizations more Participate.