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Ruikang Hospital held the second patrol team of the Party Committee of the School Party Committee, the rectification work promotion

In order to further promote the quality of the inspection and rectification, accelerate the progress of the inspection and rectification, and solidly do a good job in the "second half of the article" to ensure the advice of the party committee of the second patrol group of the school party committee to inspect the work feedback of the party committee.

On the afternoon of November 8, Ruikang Hospital held the school party committee second inspection team inspection and feedback to rectify the rectification work.

The Secretary of the Party Committee of the Hospital Gao Hongjun, the Party Committee deputy secretary, deputy dean, and the person in charge of the relevant inspection and reform task responsibility department attended the meeting. The Party Committee of the Hospital attaches great importance to the implementation of the project party committee second inspection team. Before the proposal meeting, the hospital party committee requested all the person in charge of the relevant inspection and reform task responsibility department, combined with the issue of the second inspection team of the school party committee’s second patrol group, and carefully found the issues of exposure during the inspection. The reason for the problem, listing the rectification measures and forms a report reporting the hospital party committee.

At the promotion meeting, the Party Secretary Assistant, the director of the party committee office is reported to the implementation of the rectification of the various departments of Ruikang Hospital.

After listening to the report, Gao Hongjun, Chen Qilan jointly combined with the hospital’s own situation and rectification work, combing the reform entries, deeply analyzing the cause of the problem, requires various functional departments to study, formulate detailed rectification measures, and promote rectification work .

Listening, not pushing, unfosing. Gao Hongjun once again emphasized the hospital party committee highly attached great importance to the tourism rectification work, and will further provide feedback on the inspection team according to the unified requirements of the school party committee, and do a good job in implementing rectification.

He asked the relevant functional departments to always put the instruction rectification work as a political task, political responsibility, political discipline, firmly caught in the hand, picking up on the shoulders, falling.

In terms of deepening the implementation of rectification, he asked, the responsible departments must in-depth payment of the inspection team, strictly follow the requirements to deliver the rectification plan, find the problem, dig the roots, and make the strip have a rectification, and the part has a finish. .

In the implementation of rectification work, we must strengthen system construction, and resolutely grasp the implementation of various systems that have been established in the rectification work, and ensure that the role is really uncomfortable;

Let the rectification work implement "there is dependent".

Source: official website of Ruikang Hospital, Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.