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Sinan County Party members and cadres are brave in the flood control and disaster relief

Sinan County has always adhered to firmly establishing training exercise cadres to the front line, from the distinctive orientation of the first line, put the main position of the cultivation of cadres in the grassroots level, put the focus of the selection of people in the first line, put the flood control disaster, first-line front edge position as discovery and Cultivate the platform of cadres.

Since this year, 132 people have been promoted, and 132 people have been promoted.

Where is the feelings, where there is a chapped figure; where is dangerous, where there is a responsibility of sniper the soul.

"Flood control, both for the country, also for its own small house.

"Si Tang Street Jiangxing Village Zone Cadial Cadres Wei Dong said.

"As long as the masses need, I will righteousness.

"Zhangjiazhai Town Tree Tree Village Zhuangzhu Wang Ziyao said in the far household in the housing leakage situation." Inhability, the first reaction is forward. "" The flood is not retreating, I will not refund! " "On the battlefield of flood control, countless Communist Party members are in front, quite in front of the first line, incentive and lead the masses to build a responsible dams in flood control and disaster relief.

The first line of flood control and disaster relief is the main battlefield of party members and people’s tests. Put the people in the highest position in the heart. If the people think, the urgency of the masses, solve the masses, and put into flood prevention and disaster relief with the spirit of bleeding. Go, the critical moment is rushed, and the danger is attacked. It is the real communist.

(李亚宇) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing).