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"This special flight, I will fly"

In the past, the Northern Branch of China Southern Airlines is in the past. She is the most reliable, she will study my son. She will check my son to check the job. When she will go online, she will apply to enter the network classroom supervision son to learn. Sometimes my son plays temper, don’t answer the phone, she is very angry, but I think I can’t accompany my son, and I am full of embarrassment to my son. This time, the son is also a winter holiday, although the New Year is going, but learning can not relax. She writes the son’s learning plan on the whiteboard in advance, and passed the work to her check at 4 pm.

This isolation life, Chen Jiayin also made a plan, in addition to supervising his son learning, she also wants to learn English himself, preparing for the civil aviation English three-level exam; she wants to stick to exercise every day, because she is also spelling Work. Although Isolated, Chen Jiayin as a deputy manager of the division of safety, her management work cannot stop. Safety responsibility is significant, she wants to pay attention to the work status of each flight attendant and their implementation of the rules and regulations in the flight.

Because this year’s Spring Festival is reduced, Chen Jiayin worried that the division of flight attendant’s business is fraud, and the status is relax. The safety tips before one month before turning each flight day. Each flight day, she wants to build a group, pull the flight attendant to the flight into the group, prompt the latest requirements, policies, and risk points, and then stare at a flight, one person is staring, guaranteeing in safety No problem. This year’s Spring Festival, the flight is less, Chen Jiayin is more vigilant to safety work. At the same time, she also has some lost: "Missing the boom of the boom, I am busy like ‘air flying people’, although sometimes hard work, now I think busy, actually very happy."