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[Network] literary Daily 3 billion! Tencent micro regain visual pursuit vibrato, and confront headlines

  This is the [network] section 303 literary newspaper two days, a screenshot of "micro view a short video project description" began to spread. Tencent micro indicated in the description, as the vibrato will fight back, and come up with 3.0 billion, from April 2018 and will last five months with the highest standard of 1,500 yuan subsidy for each creator.

April 10 afternoon, the contents of an open platform Tencent responded by saying, penguin numbers are also providing high-quality original short video content to Tencent micro view.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the vibrato on Wednesday that, effective immediately, the system is fully upgraded, live and function during the review function to temporarily stop using, and will further improve the content of audit standards, optimize the audit process, strengthen the management of the platform content. Comment: "vent short video of the upcoming" argument began circulating in early 2015, however, but few people have really put the "outlet" sit real. Breakthrough has been surprising deft, successful vibrato is to make the industry’s attention. Seize its huge traffic, perhaps the reason had become abandoned child of a microscopic be resurrected again, and to be valued. And behind it shines the more ambitious headline and Tencent battle. 1. Television Network, "the best we have" two years on the satellite campus network Zhejiang TV youth drama "The best we have" landed on Zhejiang TV Week from April 10 broadcast Theater, from Tuesday to Thursday 22:00 two set Lianbo.

Director Liu Chang also said, "and iQIYI version of television have greater access, we can see it again when another angle to this story."

  Comment: watercress network of high drama, remember that the summer chasing the drama it? Heart and our youth. 2. "Beijing Women’s Field Guide" on the line, Youku homemade watercress network drama "Beijing Women’s Field Guide" was on the 10th line of the night, members can watch six episodes.

Currently Reception player has more than billion and more than 800 people watercress reviews, ratings for the points.

The play is about to Chen Qi Wei played for the hard work on behalf of single women living in Beijing.

  Comment: By vacancy "Tokyo Women’s Field Guide" and the theme of the play become one of the "key" this month.

Some people think that adaptation is acceptable, some people think that is not the reality – the same as the drift north of you, if you can resonate? 1. Variety meter network did not respond to "the wonderful work of the General Assembly" in the second quarter of the 10th frame, users have found that the rice is not media production, broadcast network iQIYI comprehensive "wonderful work of the General Assembly" has been unable to play in the second quarter, and the search less, but can still broadcast the first quarter of normal. Accordingly, the meter does not respond to the media, said the program off the shelf due to force majeure, need to wait for news.

  Comment: "special human" to share, but also requires special attention to the impact.

Last week who like big V "scientist types sun" some "rape" theory, inevitably a lot of controversy, but also attracted regulatory attention. 2. "Idol trainee" accused of plagiarism of the history of the most recently, the International Association for the Protection IP FRAPA released data that "Idol trainee" plagiarism similarity of 88 points (out of 100), into the history of the plagiarism at the Cannes Television Festival.

The original "product 101" production company CJEM accused Ai Yiyi is not the first time plagiarized its key IP. In addition to the "China has hipple", the new program "iQiyi Fan Festival" is also questioned. "Idol". "

  简 评: Not only is the program model, concept, dance beauty, etc. (The picture is from "our video") 3. Youku "This is the street dance" to open the global release of Ali Wenyuan Group President and Da Youku President Yang Weidong revealed on the Cannes TV Festival. "This is a street dance" has been bought by Jiang Guangying. Overseas broadcast is published, the first round will broadcast more than 10 countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand. It is understood that "this is a street dance" set a new high price in China’s online overseas copyright.

  Review: On the Cannes TV Festival this year, there is "National Treasure" "Reader", "Classic Thinking", "Sound" and other Chinese original program model appears together.

I hope that in the future, we can have more original programs to output overseas, some plagiarism hammers … Network Literature 1. Reading Literature 2017 issued a long-term payment of more than 300 million applause of science and technology, an applause, a recently announced 2017 results: full The annual release of more than 300 million yuan, an annual electronic income of more than 40,000 writers.

It is reported that the applause is published in the Literature. 47 this signature, 487 works have been adapted into audible reading; this year’s goal is 160 books, and it is expected that more than 150 anime works will be adapted.

  简 评: Xiaobian I heard that the palm of reading the old age, only the third party’s income last month is Wan, but not including the income of this site … can only say that poverty limits my imagination … 2. Starting point "New God", successively refreshing the payment record in the past March, "animal husbandry" and "大王" at the beginning of the Chinese network, with more than 13,000 months, double-double breakthrough single list sales record.

Followed, the new book "Deep Night Book House" has an income of 130,000 yuan within 24 hours, and it has been refreshed with the original Japanese network and the original record of 5 times the first record.

  Comment: "The Shepherd" and "Dawang Ranger" are only less than a year, and many records are refreshed. "New God", collectively hegemony, refresh record, these two years are gradually become a new normal of Nets.

Network live 1.The Tiger Teeth Apply for US IPO, with a maximum of 200 million US dollars, according to media reports, Tiger Teeth openly submitted the prospectus after the opening of the US stocks on April 9, officially applying for the US IPO listing, will be in the form of US depositary securities (ADS) The New House is listed, the code is huya, with a maximum of 200 million US dollars. If the listing is successful, Tiger Teeth will become the first live platform in China.

  Brief rating: Whether the Tiger’s teeth are still awkward in the "domestic rankings" known in the prospectus, but in the domestic live platform, the domestic broadcast platform is generally facing the supervision of heavy punches, the industry encounters bottlenecks, and the tiger is going to the United States, perhaps the future Find the fund reserve through the cold winter.

  2. Thousands of live broadcast launched the "idiom" answer program Sohu’s Qianfan live broadcast launched a new live micro variety "idiom", which was officially beta on April 9.

There are 10 topics in the "idiom conference" in each issue. Each issue is "idiom" knowledge, and 2000,000 yuan in the public beta stage. Previously, Qianfan live broadcast "Knowledge Hero" became the first officially launched live response section after the supervision introduced.

  简 评: Ben thought that the live response has been "cool", I didn’t expect thousands of sails and live broadcast … online games 1. Alleged fraud, South Korea online game giants Nexon were punished recently, South Korea game giants Nexon were passed by the Korea Fair Trade Commission nearly 10,000 US dollars Fine. The penalty reason is that its "assault storm" has recently set up 16 pumping activities, which is considered to be the same, and in fact, some rare items fall the probability of only%, exist deceived consumers and induce sales. Comment: Can’t help but think of SSR … In fact, the probability of winning the game virtual props lottery has related regulations, China also requires the manufacturer to publicize probability, but what is the actual? 2. Tencent NetEase Guara 46% Domestic Hand Tour Market Recently, China Culture Entertainment Industry Association issued the "2017 China Game Industry Development Report", mobile tour year income billion. In addition, many listed tour companies have also announced the 2017 financial report or performance notice in the near future. Tencent NetEase 2017 melon is divided into 76% of the domestic hand.

  Review: There is less and less room for other vendors, and if you want to mix in the game circle, you need to change the way. Vrar version of the movie magazine Moviebill is about to release the United States’s largest cinema operator Emperor Cun Entertainment Group recently launched a new movie magazine "moviebill" characteristic with interactive reality. Users can scan magazines through mobile applications to unlock interactive content.

It is reported that the official version will be released simultaneously with the "Avengers: Unlimited War" on the 27th of this month.

  Comment: With the advancement of technology and products, the combination of Ar and the content will also be more in-depth, and it is believed that the experience it can bring to users will be infinite. The standard team released a new format for foreign media reported by foreign media. The Joint Image Expert Group (JPEG) has released a new video compression standard: JPEGXS, it is expected that JPEGXS will become the key to VR streaming media, including virtual reality, enhance reality, Space image, no car, no aircraft and other fields. Review: New format can compress images more efficiently, which means that higher resolution and frame rates, thereby making live broadcast of high quality stream vR video possible.

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