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Diary has no diary from here.,The content has not become no head,Only some seemingly famous sentences after the appearance。

“I didn’t seem to sleep a whole day yesterday.,Bodied,After waking up, he saw the people who were sitting on a wood.,And this person is me.!”
“It has me,my voice,My expression,my memory……This person is what I am me.,and‘I’Just a body!”
The next one becomes more messy,Like a doodle of a child,Occasionally there will be some kinds of words that can be seen.,I want to figure out a sentence, I have to contact the context.。
These false words,Han Jiang actually saw a more exciting,“Since then,Is it right?!?”
I can’t think of this dominant, I really have my heart.,Let Han Jiang’s sweat。
The record in the diary has been read.,Fuhua put down the diary asked Hanjiang:“I remember you said,In that space,Governing the law becomes a person。”
Hanjiang nodded,“This is,We initially saw the law in Qazhou,Every dominance is used by human appearance,Since the storm city enters that space,Grouting the law seems to abandon the appearance of the human,All turned into a couple。”
“and,This professor’s record is very similar to that of the domain that I have encountered in Storm City.,Only this professor is a depressed person,And that person is a person who doesn’t have hope for the future.。”
As for that person,Han Jiang has forgotten。
“Could not……”Fuhua said:“There are many reasons why human beings become a law.,I have no hope for itself,Is one of them in the darkness of endless,And these dominant……”
Han Rong said:“Um,I am afraid it is in a certain paranoia.,Unable to control your emotions。”
Although the body of Yawai also became the law of witness,But the spirit of the law is that the consciousness of the birth of the collapsed will be born directly in her body.。
As for what is the hope of life,Fuhua has passed,But that is already a big event.。
“According to our experience,Gross the law belongs to the space,This is one of the reasons why they can synchronize in real time.,But these……All we already know。”
Fuhua identity:“Be right,Next, we go to the employee dormitory to see,Maybe you can find more intelligence。”
The mouth is saying,But the two have no big hope to this line.。
After all, things have taken a long time.,The first owner of the dispatch of the law can be a professor,Not stupid, don’t leave。
“Let it go。”
leave the office,The two people rusted the staff dormitory of this professor.。
The staff dormitory is also sealed,Also in the dormitory,But more messy。
There is half of the kitchen, no one is cleaned.,Now become a hard substance sticking into the pot and on the plate。
Odor……These foods that completely lost moisture,There is no smell.。
The dormitory environment is also messy than the office.,Throw slowly on the ground。
Han Jiang picked up a opening and watching,The above title is“xxxevolution、Humanity”Like a word。
It seems that the ambition of this professor is still very big.,No wonder can be in the diary, this is a pioneering problem.。
But whether it is human or animal,If you want evolution, it is observed with a million years.,This is already the conclusion of the scientific community。
This professor wants to change this,I am afraid it is an illusion that it is greater than the actual meaning.。
Even if Otto has not allowed human evolution.,The most groundbreaking biological experiment is almost binding to cells and human cells of collapse。
The purpose of the world snake is also the same“evolution”,But it is just that human beings have artificial holy marks.。
In essentially“Holy marks plan”Also a kind of competition,But more dependent on human own resistance,Not the day after day。