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“I am really afraid of him.,It’s a spray.,Egg!”

“All right,Xuan Ge is the most powerful,The guy is a waste,Network spray!”
At this time,Xuan Ge’s live room,Most people have been waiting anxious,Rumbled,I feel that the star is a gun.,This will definitely be running.,Not dare to face。
“Not urgent,I will wait for two minutes.!”
Shen Xuan’s brids,“This time,I am still waiting for,Just say it is very arrogant?,You are back to a sentence.!”
“But it is also possible,He scared the courage,Turn off live,Don’t dare to watch it again.!”
after all,Most people only dare to fight their mouths online.,I really want to do it.,I am afraid that there is no courage.。
“Xuan Ge said yes!”
“This kind of person does not need to take care,Only in real real,Website on the Internet!”
“We are not as good as dry,In this kind of person,Wasting time!”
People in the live broadcast have comforted。
“Three minutes from time to,Since this,I will wait for him.!”
Shen Xuan to see time,Almost three minutes,I am too lazy to put the star.,Preparing to say something,Suddenly live in the live broadcast。
“Who says I am afraid!”
The five words of simple single are coming out.,Let Shen Xuan frowned。
“Since Xuan Ge is a war,Then I will take it.!”
After the Queen Star, there were several cars.,Continue to say:“You are ready for the war book.,Stay in one night,I have succeeded,Give me a million,You said in the live broadcast room,I have already recorded.,Can you repent!”
Shen Xuan cooled a few times,He didn’t think,at this time,Venus still dares to promise!
“Row,no problem,Men’s Han husband,Since it comes out,Then I will definitely do it.!”
Shen Xuan promised,“These waters in the live broadcast can testify!”
“it is good,I believe in this point.,Three days later,I will look for you!”
Qi Mingxing lost a sentence,Take the live room。
“Venus,Real man,This dares to promise!”
“Then let’s wait to see it.,This is destined to be a big drama.!”
“Hahaha,I thought that Qifang ran.,People actually fight!”
“Xuan Ge,That is one million,I want to count.?”
“Can’t wait for this,Who is it in the end?,I can see it immediately.。”
There have been discussions in the live broadcast.。
“I said,I will definitely do it.。”
Shen Xuan said seriously:“One million gambling,I still gambling,You don’t have to worry,As long as the star is doing,I will definitely fulfill the promise.。”
This time,The water friends in the live broadcast have praised it.。
Xuan Ge really man!
Then I gave the specific address to the Queen star.,The other party is also determined.,Three days later!
All get everything!