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Lu Haocheng saw Kiki happy,Also laughed with the independent laugh。

He smiled,Sound clean:“Kiki,It seems that you are welcome to go to your home.。”
Blue Qiqi is also lazy lying lazy,Great eyes are slightly blinking,“uncle,Naturally welcome。You said,To take my mother back,Live in my house,Good and my mother cultivated feelings。”
Sitting on the side of An’an quiet blue,The whole person is gone.。
She looked at her daughter warned:“Blue Qiqi,Chat chat,Don’t pull me in。”
Lan Qiqi said a shock:“mother,You,Always,actually,You also hope that uncle goes to our home.,after all,Uncle is a grandmother’s son。How can you bear your grandmother and uncle??”
Lu Hao Cheng listened,I saw a blink of Blue Xin.,Laugh。
Blue Xin looked at him,Not talking。
She looked straight to Kiki:“Blue Qiqi,Are you owing??”
Blue, sweet:“mother,You owe。”
“Ha ha”Lu Haocheng listened to the mother and child two,Can’t help but laugh:“Blue,after,I pet you!”
Blue Xinye black smile:“Yes you can?Lu Hao Cheng,after,You are from me。”
She deliberately aggravated“From”Character。
Lu Haocheng looked at her,Smile:“Blue and blue,I am also from you.。”
He but a good man,at this point,He is also like this。
A male heart is quite proud。
Knocking on the door outside the door,Lu Haochong is slightly sinking,That is like,I seem to know who is coming.。
He got up and opened the door,At first glance, Mu Ziyi and Gu Yi Lin,His eyes deeply saw Gu Yi Lin。
“Hao Jun。”Gu Yi Lin looked at him called。
“Um!”Lu Haozheng。
Mu Zi looked on Lu Hao Cheng,Ask:“Talk here,still”
“Don’t talk?Memorize,You go back first.,I said that I will help you.,It will definitely help。”Lu Hao Cheng’s tone is very flat,But people believe。
Gu Yi Lin looked at him silently:“Hao Jun,Thank you!”
Lu Haocheng looked at Muzi,Say:“Let Ou Jingqing ready,Qinning must not let this opportunity,She will definitely buy Gu Jia’s shares。”
Muzi honing:“good,I will call the scenery for a while.。”
Lu Haocheng looked at Gu Yi Lin again:“Memorize,Contacting people who want to invest before,Ask them to eat,Do you want to invest?,Let them give the right attitude。”
“good!”Gu Yi Lin nodded。
Lu Haocheng said:“I will deal with other things.,As long as you go to Qin Ning。”
Muzi fought a blue heart,Seeing that she still sits quietly.,He is close to Lu Haozheng,Low voice in his ear:“Hao Jun,Yi Lin said,Gu Anan is only afraid that it is a little bit of blue.。”
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Watching suddenly,Looked an eye of Gu Yi Lin。He knows。
Gu Yi Lin watched him deeply,I am also very grateful that he is doing everything for them.。