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I don’t want to face.!

Blame you!Niu Niu couldn’t help but smash it.!
“Do you want to put this??Do you still put it back?!”
The big mother is still a little criminal about this thing of Niu Niu.,I can’t see it, I don’t think it is very reliable.!
Even if you know that Niu Niu is already very careful, I am doing this.!
“Yes!Now slowly let them adapt,I will love it later.!”
After the big mother,Niu Niu’s heart has an answer。
Excavate a small spoonful of colors unknown liquid solid mixture from the tile,Quickly put them and bull、Millet is mixed together。
“All right!”
Interesting,Niu Niu hugged into the potted bowl and started to cross the collision,Put the big grandma behind。
“Niu Niu Niu”
The big mother is weak, and it is called two times.,Credit it。
never mind,Eating such a one or two, you can also eat the chicken。Didn’t you also trial??I believe that the fact is!
“What are you running so so?,Can you play this??look,Not waiting for the big master,Let’s take it slowly.,No urgent meeting!”
It seems to be to verify that you are not urgent,Dauri slowly swallowed the door of the chicken circle。
“Good,I see!I will not have it in the future.!”
Niu Niu, chicken, rice, nodded,
“Grandmother,You let me go first.!”
The door opened a small slit,Niu Niu is squeezing there。
Ugh,It seems that he just said it is white.!
I didn’t think of this time at this time.,It is also a wind-fired sex.。
Said that the girl said this is not as good as Zhou.,Zhou is the most warm and temperament of Sujia。
“All right,Put it down and put it down.!Someone is here to eat and eat.!Niu Niu came to help the big mother to do something.!”
Originally intended to stand in the chicken circle,Looking at the chick, eat the eating of yourself, eat a two-net, Niu Niu dismissed the way,
“it is good,What is the big master to do?!Where is my mother??Just like still in the front yard?!”
If you have something, you can help my mother.,Dauri is not welcome。Niu Niu failed,I am afraid that other people can’t see the potential meaning of themselves.。
“Your mother is now busy,Teng does not start!Niu Niu, come,Nothing,I can’t work hard.!”
Daurother directly ignores the obstacles in the name of Niu Niu Niu,When she walked to her, she took her hand together.。
“Niu Niu is not afraid of bugs, is it??I looked at you, the face is not changing.,Golden!It’s too much than the big master.,I see that things are guilty.!”
Niu Niu stopped,Look at your own big mother。
It is a bit wrong today.!Big Another is so boasting such a straightforward,Still not give yourself modest opportunity。
Don’t let yourself do what is hurt?! Grandmother,you can not do that!I can’t do what I can’t do.,I am still a child.!
unconsciously,Niu Niu’s eyes took a grievance complaint,Visible big master skull。