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But this is a good thing for her.,At least for your own brother is also a good thing.。

“it is good,I will give you a wine cellar as soon as possible.,Can you come back before the Spring Festival??”
“Um,I will definitely go back before the Spring Festival.,I will go back in these days.。”
Li Hui does not understand why Ye Shuang double is so questioning.。
“Well,You told me before you came back.,I will handle the winery to you.,After all, I have to go back to my brother.。”
“it is good。”
After chatting,Li Hui hangs up the phone。
What is the matter of Li Hui’s winery is also known。
Originally, she also believes that Li Hui is a small trouble.,I didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng is to directly enter the Magical and Emperor.。
This is that she feels very unexpected.。
Thinking of the days before Xiaoyu City,At that time, Li Hui Feng was a small farmer.,This is only for a long time,Li Hui Feng actually became the heavenly tree she could rely on.。
“breeze,Pack up??”
“Um,Packed up,Always。” I heard that Li Hui is ready.,Xu Ruzhen is also directly working ticket,Then I played a few calls.。
Representing a trip before the Spring Festival,After all, regardless of the clothing factory or clothing stores and drugs,It is necessary to take care of her.。
There is also a company annual meeting.,Think about those things near the year,Xu Ruzhen is also a bit hard。
Originally, she also felt with Li with the wind.,Can be more time,But now it seems that you can’t wait for a few days.。
Li Hui is not aware of these。
He is now thinking about some things in his hand.。
After all, it has not appeared for more than three months.,In addition, there have been things that have not been concerned about lotus village.,He feels that this time will be tiered.。
Otherwise a lot of things he does not,When people have seen money, they will not hold it.。
How to cheat him,He may not know。
Mei Ru,Direct to Lianhua Village。
Just to Lotus Village,Li Hui Feng found that the entire village seems to be renewed again.。
Especially the villa community not far away,The single-family single-family single-family look will make Li Hui feel some unexpectedly。
Before he felt that Yang Li should build the two one-piece rural villa.。
I didn’t expect it to have innovation.。
Take a look at the streets on the road.,Actually, I have opened a lot of small storefronts.。
Bun shop,Fire shop,The new storefront of the cool leather shop makes Li Xiangfeng feel some unexpectedly。
Because the property rights of the house used in these stores are in his hand,He doesn’t understand how these people use it.。
It is a big cake shop at this time at this time, there is still someone to buy a big cake.。
All all Li speaks in the eyes.,But there has been no sound。
He understands that these people should not be able to go in the store without any reason.,Do you definitely get anyone?。
In the first time, he thought of the village head Xu Laifu.。
However, this matter he feels that Xu Laifu should not be a master.。
Hesitate,He also walked directly to the courtyard of Xu Ru.。
“breeze,The change in the lotus village is really big.,I am somewhat not to recognize.。”
Xu Ru looks at the construction of lotus village,She feels that Lianhua Village is a small town.。