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Martin is looking forward to the day on the third day on the summer.。

A man wearing a white coat goes to the past。
“how is he?”
“very stable,And the third is getting healthier,He is now sleeping now,But the brain is active,Already adapted to the new body。” “Very good,When can he wake up?。”
Men is slightly slightly sinking,“In fact, you can wake up him at any time.,But in order to make him more mature,We agree,Let him wake up,Most appropriate。”
Toned,He rushed,“President,Do you need to wake him up now??”
It fluins in the eyes of Martin,Sink,Shake the shaking head,“Wait, wait.,You go busy.。”
Men leave。
Martin still stands before the container,Like admiring a perfect artwork,I am looking forward to the enthusiasm in my eyes.。
Have a long time,He turned and left the laboratory,Return to your office。
Take a small and exquisite mobile phone from the drawer,Dial a number。
“Contact me with the organization……”
NS2877chapter Madman
at night。
Moonlight 皎 皎。
Habsburg family estate。
Buildings of Habsburg family,It is a very typical Baroque decorative style。
External morphology freely,And pursue dynamics,There are also a variety of rich engraving and strong colors.,Wearing curved surface and elliptical arch。
Here, the floor is active,Big lawn with green grass,There are also a variety of specially refined garden and stone forest。
Same less than some large casino,Golf course、Racecourse、Pasture, etc.。
Of course, there are also various plantations.,Planted various crops,Nearby is the horses and tools。
The most central in the manor,It is a white main body of Baroque Castle Building.,It seems solemn,Strong force,But there is a strong color contrast。
This building is divided into four layers,Layout is triangular。
The outside is a white fence made entirely of stone.,Outside a circle of flowers,Various gorgeous flowers。
Just in the front of this building,Is a large lawn,Lawn front and left,It is planting a forest。