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“In fact, this time can be faster,But I am successful,More delayed some time。”

Summer sorry is no longer hidden,Take a step forward,At the same time,“The ban here is increasingly complex and difficult to crack.,If there is a third major temple,I have an estimate,It takes longer to crack。”
Talk,Many people’s face,Can’t talk about。
They can enter the second major temple,With a big champion。
It can be said,The superior feelings in everyone in each person are not a little bit.。
Five-year beef,Billion,Enter the hill,Eventually only forty people come here。
I can now listen to the meaning of this kid before.……He seems to be a tough means,Crack the ban,Hard-ease。
Since the five mountains will believe in the air。
Then this person comes back,Is it also a kind of opportunity??
maybe……He is the most distinctive one?
Many people have a similar idea in the hearts of people.。
Sitting on a jade station with like,How hard is difficult to see,The mood has been imbalanced。
He forcibly presses the emotional fluctuation,Destructive,Out of sight out of mind。
make up one’s mind,Once you have a good practice,Complete liquidation!
“summer,Come to me。”
Gobian refers to a jade station that is not far from himself.,“I specially choose here.,Just waiting for you?。”
Summer smile,Sprinkle with eyes。
He found,Everyone including Gogjian,It turned out to come out the breath of the skyline.。
Even if it is loose, no exception。
This mystery energy……What is powerful?!
If you don’t envy in the summer,That is impossible。
This kind of big fir is too counter-sky.,Short twenty years,Easily break through a higher level。
To know,Tongtian level needs,Absolutely an extremely horrible measurement。
Gobian once frank,If he doesn’t have a special encounter,Just try to practice according to the class。
From the complete first step to Tongtian level,At least 10,000 years can be reached。
To know,The cultivation of the Gobian itself belongs to the race of genius enchanting.。
He needs so long,Change to others,Will only be longer。
Just like,If he practice himself,Not at all over ten thousand years old。
Summer itself belongs to the special case。
Only the speed of practice,He is a single file。
Interrogate,He has taken a lot of jade table。
What does he don’t have any hope?,Very casual operation of Xuan Mengnan。
Sure enough, in his expected。
No miracle happening。
Still can’t perceive,Can’t capture this mystery energy。