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“that’s right,But some people are the beasts of human skin.,Not afraid of 10,000,Be afraid,I am talking about it.,Ancients?”

The ancient eyelids jumped a few times,A deep breath,“It seems that Mr. Xia is visible to me.,hehe,I don’t want to explain.,Miss Luo,I still have a word.,You consider,The big door of the epoch is open to you.。I will not bother two.。”
After the end,Turning to your car。
He is not afraid of summer,But I am afraid that I can’t help but want to kill this small three.。
Get on the bus,That bodyguard acts as a driver,Volvo slowly start。
The face of the ancient wind in the car is a gloomy terrible,A pair of scorpion is natural as if it can drop the venom。
Foot and ten seconds,He dialed a number。
“Give me a person named summer,Minister of Security of Baihua Group Security。”
This is the character of the ancient wind,Will not underestimate anyone。anything,He will schedule。
NS455chapter Uncle
Baihua Group。
Chairman’s office。
Liu Qingqing looks at the summer of smoking on the sofa。
to be honest,Another identity about summer,And he often encounters inexplicable dangers,Even even got yourself,Liu Qingqing does not complain,Not too disappointing。
Can you think of the words that this guy said,She can’t wait to slap the other side.。
“Old willow,You stare at me like this.,Let me have a feeling of sweating.。”
Summer look lazy,Sound is long,From time to time, hue。
Morning time,After leaving the ancient wind,He also drives to the company with Luo Qianjin,But just as Luo Qianjin said,At two streets,The baby’s face is very embarrassed to catch the summer.。
“Mom,This is not done。”
“What are you talking about??”Liu Qingqing is not full。
Liu Qingqing is obviously not believed,Laugh,Ate in a summer,Say,“You didn’t go home last night.,It’s really looking for a woman.?”
This is the answer just now.。
“Yes,I am a man,There is always physiological needs。”
Be too casual.,It’s too much.,too……Don’t face it.。
Liu Qingqing mouth,Pretty face is full of cold cream,But think of the agreement before the two,Still deeply calling out a breath,Forcibly。
“summer,I want you to do something,Be a request,Not orders,A comradance of my grandfather,he……His body is not good……”
Toned,Liu Qingqing has a thin lips,“In fact,He and my grandfather,Under the sea,I founded the Baihua Group that year.,Many places are inseparable from his help,I……”
Summer sucking a smoke,Say,“You want me to take a look?”
“Row,no problem。”Summer standing,Go outward,At the same time,“When you go, I call me.。”
“and many more。”Liu Qingqing 眉 微 皱。
“what happened?”
Liu Qingqing is a great determination,Talented to take courage,Say,“summer,Although we have an agreement,No interference of the other person’s private life,But I still want to remind you.,Notes。”
This sentence,Seems to be tough,It is not a little bit。
Summer picking your eyebrows,Like laughing,“I didn’t say it?,I am a man,Physiological needs,You don’t let me find a woman.,Unless you are willing to let me sleep,Otherwise everything is free。”
Say,A pair of eyes swept over the key parts of Liu Qingqing,Another pickup,Take a departure。