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Eat the last dumplings in the bowl,Niu Niu did not hold back to play a full。

“Niu Niu is very full today.!More than eating in the weekdays,Still a good workmanship is right?”
“Um,Great meal is eaten!”
People who have not eaten at noon,Be sure to eat more at night to find it back.!And the big man’s craftsmanship is indeed good.,The girl who is eaten is very comfortable.!
I feel that I have come here to eat the most pleasant meal.,There are a lot of stomachs.。
Tirah’s soup in the bowl,The bowl is still held,I have already taken it.。
“Hey-hey!I am also full.!Dumplings are really delicious!Let’s eat more times after our family.?”
“This thing is delicious and eat more.,It is necessary to do it for a few months.!”
Reason is this,But this time interval has not been set too long.!
The big master is really unrestricted.!
“Is this??How many days are you waiting??”
Tiger, the finger, the end of the old half a day, it does not understand,Struggling, I will give up directly.,
“Ugh!It should be a long time for a long time.!”
“Waiting for your second brother, I will give you another next time.!”
“Waiting for me to go back to school??Different brothers have a long time.!”
“Then you learn back every day.,I don’t have to give you every day.,I think it’s very beautiful.!”
“Tiger, you don’t wait, we will come back together.,Don’t take you together next time.!You can play with your own!”
For Tiger, I want to carry yourself to eat.,Three brothers said very angry。
Is there a good brother to have a blessing??Of course, there is dumplings to eat together.!
“Ok, is it good?!Waiting for you to come back, don’t make it.!Anyway, this matter is not what I said.!”
Tiger’s supplements in the back,Others did not listen to it.,
“This is!Waiting for the next time, I will tell you the new things of Xiao Shao.!”
“I don’t want to learn.,Exhausted!Next time you have listened to something interesting, let me listen to it.!”
TiMova is called for two consecutive mornings.,I have made my intensive.。
Sly,There is no other moving,There is no words in this.。
In addition, there are still some tired,I don’t want to learn more.,Catch the opportunity to run。
Still listen to some interesting things.
Three brothers said it is not strong,TiMova likes to listen to it, it is to say it.。
“Don’t listen to the tiger,It is the most important thing in the school.。I can’t do anything in listening to others everywhere.,Don’t be used to tiger!”