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Wang wants to think,Side ahead:“Since it comes to the position division,Then I will say the problem after the merger after the merger.。

Our idea is,After the merger,Tiansheng and Baidu can be used as two teams,mutual cooperation,But also maintained an appropriate internal competition,This improves work efficacy,Can also successfully solve the problem after the merger,How do you feel??”
Ok,The third question doesn’t have to mention themselves,The king will first answer……Baidu is a bit hard laughing。
Business venue is the third question they are prepared,Also the most realistic problem。
Tiansheng in Nanhua,And they in Beijing,After two mergers,The first thing is the integration problem,Whether it is a Tianheng team to come to Beijing,Or they go to Nanhua,Will bring a series of friction,There is even possible to burst contradictions and conflicts,Further, affecting the entire company。
This is what they are not willing to see.,If the merge is successful,They naturally hope that the new company can develop well.,Everyone benefits。
But if the two teams are not compatible,That don’t say benefits.,It is likely to be forthable,That’s going down, don’t compensate。
And if you let them move back to Nanhua,Psychological is still in touch,They are now in Beijing,Move it to Nanhua’s small city,How much will I have a little drop and unhappiness?。
To this end, they have made various plans in advance.,It also includes this point of the king.,Originally, I want to strive to convince Tiansheng.,As a result, I didn’t expect the king of myself.,This……
It’s too smooth.!
Li Yanhong also has a little bit not knowing what to say.,This is not the same as the negotiating scene you think before.。
“So the general meaning of Wang is,We all retain their respective teams after the merger,Do not disperse re-integration,Do not replace the workplace,We can still stay in Beijing?”
“Correct。”Wang traffic smile。
The integration after the merger is always a big problem.,If the processing is not good,Very likely to lead to mergers and acquisitions。
His purpose is to take the opportunity to win Baidu,In turn, the domestic search market,But not to find a big trouble to yourself.。
Since it is not integrated,That is simply independent.,Can avoid the risk of integration,Can also stay competing with each other,Better stimulating each other’s work efficacy,Maybe it’s better??
“anymore question,Mr. Li,Today, I will exchange opinions first.,What are you don’t worry?,Promoting everyone to discuss。”Wang Flow。
Li Yanhong converges a good mood,Positive color:“Companies after merge,What is the name of the name??”
Wang Liu’s first:“Consider,But I haven’t thought about any suitable name.,Tiansheng and Baidu,Two names no matter how combined,Listening is a bit weird。”
Baidu everyone nodded,Obviously they also consider this problem,I found this。
Wang Flun:“Is there any good suggestion??”
Li Yanhong test exploration:“Would you like Baidu?,Tiansheng as a parent company,Baidu as its search product brand,How do you feel??”
not so good。
If it is called Baidu,After the brand is made,Make a fuss,You take Baidu Go out independence,What is the thing??He is hard to plan,Not it to give you a wage?。
Wang traffic dark belly,Concession,But the bottom line he still has,Quietly looked at Li Yanhong,Laugh。
Probably, I know that my proposal is a bit too much.,Li Yanhong smiled,Not asked。
Li Xiang Tao inserted:“Do you want to call Tiansheng Baidu?,Both companies are reflected,No one has fallen。”
Listening, although there is a little awkward,But this is also a practice in mergers.,Baidu everyone nodded:
“Then just let it be。”
The name is also successfully achieved.,Several core issues of negotiations have solved,The rest of the problem is easy.,Have a sincerity of Wang,Baidu people also launched the Tunic.,A bit of sincerity,A negotiation,I’m talking about talking on both sides.。
I talked about it in a afternoon.,All aspects of mergers and acquisitions have successfully reached a consensus on both sides.,Fleection。
But negotiating has not ended yet,Male and acquisition is not a small thing after all,There are many problems involved in the aspects.,Not so easy, you can completely finalize,But the basic framework is already talking,Some specific details,Already not affecting the overall situation。
I have been talking tomorrow.,Today’s negotiations declares the end。
Li Yanhong invited:“Time is not early,Wang Tongyuan,I should let the landlord in love.,If you don’t want to give up,I have a meal at night.,Just I still want to ask,Let’s take a while to talk about it.,How about it?”
Rice is about,It seems that this merger is basically stable.……Wang Flow and Li Xiang Tao look at the eye,I’m happy:
“it is good,Then I will not be grateful.。”
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