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The two did not ask what I did in the summer.。

I haven’t even speaking with him.,Instead, the whispering of each other is in the bedroom of Liu Qingqing.。
“Old willow,Wait a moment。”
Summer shouted her,Welcome the eyes of the two people,Say,“I have something in these days.,Don’t go to work。”
Liu Qingqing,头 头,“it is good。”
Qinling is also a complex look,Want to say,But finally did not open。
Summer rushing her blinking,Turn around to the bathroom。
None words overnight。
The next morning,Thunder drove to find the door。
At the same time brought an acquaintance。
It is the captain who was last receiving summer.,
“Mr. Xia,Hello,I didn’t expect to meet so soon.。”
This time,Between the language of Hu captain, there are many……Or,Quite enthusiasm,Even with a vibrant。
The last time the armed police area simulates the confrontation,Summer sweep the ace,I have an impression of the long-awaited long。
And this time is different from the previous time。
The same as the arkist,Will make six people in the summer,Participate in this competitive exchange。
“Hello,Hu captler。”Summer newspaper smiling,Say,“Thanks for your hard work,I have to trouble you to pick me up.。”
“Unhappy,Not trouble。”
Hu captain’s emotion is obviously very high,Also,“Mr. Xia directly shouted me Hu Zhenhua。”
“it is good。”Summer laughing,“Then don’t call Mr. Xia,It is too distant,do not forget,I am also a soldier。”
Hu Zhenhua rarely grasped his head,“Then I call you the captain.,Anyway, is not a secret,I decided to lead the team this time.。Our team name is Jianying Team。”
Summer stunned,Nothing,Ask,“Where is this big??”
“Yanjing Military Region。”
Finish,What did Hu Zhenhua thinks?,Turned over, a small bread truck was struck.,“All down。”
Door opening,Going down five wearing casual clothes,Sturdy youth。
Both are mature faces,Last simulation confrontation,Summer has seen。
And the original captain Li Ming also in column。