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at this time,Wang Degui is wearing a dress,Walked in through the gate with his hands behind his back,Watch the lively villagers,Hurriedly gave him a passage,It seems that the authority of the old village chief is still there。

“Mayor Ouyang,Where are you busy?“Wang Degui stepped into the office door,Shouted loudly,This makes people outside feel,He and Ouyang Hong have a good relationship。
Ouyang Hong frowned,Asked lukewarm:“The old village chief has something?“
“cough!Don’t call me the village chief anymore,I’m nothing but the Three Treasures Hall,Come and register my house for the second batch of reconstruction“Wang Degui said,Eyes swept around the room,Then sat down generously。
“Zhao Hong,Register with the old village chief“Ouyang Hong said to Zhao Hong who is making statistics。
Zhao Hong didn’t raise his head either,Just responded。
Wang Degui blinked his eyes and asked Ouyang Hong:“Mayor Ouyang,Why are there so many people outside??What are they doing?Turned them back“Wang Degui said with a self-confident expression,As if he didn’t know anything about it。
“Use power for personal gain“Ouyang Hong said coldly,Zhao Hong sitting next to her,Can’t help being surprised。
First0100chapter head shot
Wang Degui“Oh“With a,Got up and left。
Zhao Hong only raised his head,Watching him go away and scolded:“This old fox,Know everything,But I just want to pretend,I hate this kind of people most
Ouyang Hong said angrily:“Heart is under the kyte,Really hard to understand”
Zhao Hong is smart,She knew that Ouyang Hong was talking about Xia Jian,But she can’t figure it out,Why is this so coincidental,The engineering team entered Xia Jian’s house,Captain Qu, who can inquire about this, also entered the city,And this afternoon, Xia Jian,Can’t reach anyone,This is a bit unclear。
“Mayor,Or else,We notified the engineering team to stop temporarily,Rebuild after asking”Zhao Hong looked at Ouyang Hong who was sad and said。
Ouyang Hong shook her head and said:“Useless,Who in the engineering team only listens to Captain Song?,And they have started construction,There is no reason to stop,If this is Xia Jian’s arrangement,Don’t blame me for being polite”
Ouyang Hong finished,Grabbed the notebook on the table,Went out angrily。Zhao Hong was left in the office,She has no mind to do things,Hurriedly picked up the phone on the table,Called the number redialed by Ouyang Hong,There was a voice message reminder on the phone,Zhao Hong glanced at his watch,I knew it was almost seven o’clock,My company is off work this time。
“Yo!Zhao Hong,You haven’t left yet?No wonder I walked to the door,This heart is pounding,So you are inside,This is called heart-to-heart correspondence“Wang Youcai is like a ghost,Suddenly appeared。
Zhao Hong couldn’t help being surprised,She worked hard to calm herself down,Then asked coldly:“Problems?It’s okay i’m leaving“Zhao Hong stood up while talking。
Wang Youcai’s mouthful of alcohol,Ha ha smiled:“What’s the matter with you,See me and leave,Could it be that Wang Youcai is so ugly??“This guy said,Came up slowly。