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Because in her eyes,This is the instinct of a deep root.。

Look at her appearance,Even if Miqiao is also a bit uncomfortable。
But not cool,But you also know from the elders.,These ancient martial arts practitioned in the deep mountain forest,Never provoke。
Now,He barely squeezed a smile,“Then, I will rely on Chen Lao and Goudi.。”
“Why do I have a master?,The mortal is dare,I let him have no return。”
Mikao Luo smiles,“Yep,That is。”
“Palace,I know you don’t believe it.。”
Palace Paul,Just talk,It is a changing。
Because it is at this time,Silver hair woman shaking,At present, I have arrived in his nearby.,Then reach two fingers,Gently a little shoulder。
Palace Paul only felt that his upper body was immediately numb,Instantly hit the whole body。
Follow,He is horrified,Your own throat is like a plug-in,A silk sound can not be sent。
Can’t move。
Mouth can’t speak。
Only fear and perseverance are in the circulation。
Silver hair woman is proud of,A face of cold,Take a point in his chest again,A smooth feeling,Everything is constant。
“That……That is point?”
Palace Paul’s mouth,The face of Junyi is shocked。
“hehe,It seems that you also know points.。”
Yin hair woman smile,Say,“Palace,Now you believe in me.。”
Palace Paul’s consciousness,The heart is still surprised and happy.……More is more。
“Since I believe,Take your people,You are so embarrassed,Will scare the mortal not dare。”
She does not give Miya Palace,After the end,Old people who have been sitting on the sofa,Say。
“master,Time is not early,You also have to take a break.,Here is one of me.。”
The old man slowly opened his eyes,Fantastic,头 头,Standing up and going upstairs。
See him,Palace Porson,But I still have no opening,Eye godges yourself a bodyguard,Remove the people outside。
“Trust me,Palace,The so-called master in your eyes,It’s just a mortal antity.,I can kill him in one hand.。”
2nd floor of the villa。
Qinling lying in bed,Her hands and feet are tied to death,The mouth is also attached to the tape,Can’t send a sound。
The Qinling, the Qinling, has stopped struggling,A pair of beautiful scorpions,Noodles have obvious tears,Long hair mess,The whole person seems to be embarrassed。
“Happen!I didn’t expect you to have today.,Laozi please see a good play today.……”