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Which policeman signaled Xia Jian to sit down opposite him and said:“You don’t remember it is normal,I was a film cop here,Run errands for our supervisor“

“He is Director Liu,Just promoted this year,This is our Xiaoya friend“Liu Ying laughed and introduced them to each other。
Xia Jianyi listen,Busy stand up,Reach out and say:“Oh!Director Liu,Disrespect!“
Director Liu and Xia Jian shook hands and said:“you’re welcome,Since everyone is acquaintance,Let’s do the official business first,Then chat again。Xiao Zhang takes notes,Please take out your ID“
Xia Jian reached out and touched his pocket,Said aloud:“not good!Just had a fight,ID card in your pocket,Why is it missing now,Is it lost?“
at this time,Xia Fei and Chen Jing also went downstairs。Chen Jing doesn’t know the problem,Clamoring to find Xia Jian’s ID。Director Liu said with a straight face:“I’ll talk about finding the ID card later,Since you are together,Just tell us what happened just now from beginning to end“
“Let me do it!“Xia Fei said,So he handed his police officer ID to Director Liu,Director Liu took a look,Immediately stood up and bowed,Straighten Liu Ying’s eyes。
Xia Fei nodded to Director Liu and said:“Sit down quickly!Official business,Still take notes first“
Director Liu smiled and said:“Is such that,We received the alarm just now,Say there are some foreigners lying on the road,So we went to the police to take a look,It turned out to be caused by fighting,We checked it all the way“
“Do these guys have problems?“Xia Fei asked worriedly。
Director Liu shook his head and said:“All minor injuries,But a drunk guy lost a tooth,He didn’t know what was going on,I guess I accidentally fell“
“Oh“Xia Fei took a breath,Then I went through the causes and consequences of the matter from beginning to end。
Director Liu finished listening,I took the transcript and asked Xia Fei to sign it:“All right,Nothing,This police was not reported by a foreigner,If they are thoroughly investigated, they have the greatest responsibility“
At this moment,Liu Ying’s husband walked out from inside yawning,He smiled at Director Liu:“These guys are so bad to die,Should let them leave work here。Yesterday the staff of the scenic spot also reported,It’s these big beards that cause trouble everywhere,But nothing happened“
“Ok!you’re right,We have also received reports in the past two days,We will deal with this as soon as possible,excuse me,Everyone rest early!“Director Liu stood up as he spoke。
It’s already a little over midnight,Mountain breeze,Makes people feel a comfortable coolness。Walk to the door,Director Liu patted Xia Jian on the shoulder and said:“You come once,We call the police once,It seems that our work has not been done well,I believe next time you come,It won’t happen“