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Xiao Yao couldn’t help but looked back at the hair on the eye., How much is it for ten times?——It seems that it is not a lot.,It’s just cut down.,But 枝 枝 成 成 成 成 Do not 不 不,I have to pay attention to it next time I can’t move her hair.……

Yan Zhi shocked,Tearful:“body,belch,Blindness,Parents。one、Put a hair,No need。”
Qing Yan old hear her words,Natural:“This is the case。You are as important as your hair,No wonder I want to hurt。”
His words turn,Advise:“India for the world,Just quite a little more,I thought that your child’s child is too much.……I want to come to your Xiao Shi brother, I didn’t think of it.。Again,Sword repair,Often have small injuries,If it is everywhere,I want to be a priest.。”
Xiao Yu followed,Focused, there is some exclusive explanation,He saw that Yan Zhi didn’t seem to cry.,Quickly praise a sentence:“Yan Shi’s filial piety,Touching。”
I am not there.。
I thought“Your skin and hair is from your parents”Ancient standard,I forgot the fairy, I don’t press the route.。
Hair is not a focus!
Yan Zhi suddenly awake,Emergency explanation:“I just didn’t cry for your hair.。”
Xiao Jo:“Then why do you cry??”
Branch:“I am not crying at all.。”
Xiao Yu stared at the tears on her face.,The first time, the first time, is hard to understand.,I am looking at my eyes on the spot.:“Wind is too big,Hurt your eyes,NS?”
She looked carefully Xiao Yao,road:“Xiao Shi brother,people,Once lying,Just use a life to lie。hope you could understand。”
Xiao Jo:“…………”
Qing Yan did not let them continue,I have played a job and Xiao Jo.,A trick,Play the wind『color』,It’s not breathing.。
Pillar of branch,Weak and poor and no help,But can send a rainbow fart sound:
“A sword is like a rainbow,Rush,It is the world’s best!”
“A strike,Such as the bird’s light,After the strength is thin,It is a wonderful!”
They are more powerful.。
Xiao Jie clearly felt that Qing Yan has heard the praise of Yan Zhi.,The spiritual power of the whole person is more rampant,There is no feeling that I have to converge,He had to take out the turn of the tweeral force,Otherwise, the sword may be flying across the class.。
——Is it excited to listen to a praise??Big, Master!
The two are difficult to understand,And kill,The more you go, the less good.。
Qingxi left。
Xiao Yao is rare to describe the wolf,A few broken face cheek,The horsetail after the brain is not so embarrassed.,Hybrid『chaos』feel。
There is still a few damage in his clothes.,Hand is back by Qing Yan“Wanjian”Two。
Xiao Yu shouted to hurry in a hurry。