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“Ha ha!It seems you misunderstood me。I mean,In the limited time of the old lady,You spend more time with her,In addition you find a way,Can relieve her pain,This is my biggest wish to be a son”Luo Jun said to Xia Jian piously。

Xia Jiangang is going to speak,Ali ran in,She smiled and said:“Mr. Xia!Grandma asked you to go to the backyard to see her seedlings”
“let’s go together!”Luo Jun,Got up hurriedly。Took Xia Jian to the vegetable field in the backyard。
There is a saying that money can make ghosts go,It seems that no matter what era is this sentence,Still has a certain degree of persuasiveness。Vegetable field in the backyard,The steel greenhouse has been fully completed,It feels really different。
Grandma Luo sitting on the chair on the ground,Smile on face。She smiled and said to Xia Jian who had just walked over:“Young man!Your proposal is really good,Do some days early in this greenhouse,Doesn’t this dish grow tall”
“Alright grandma!You built this greenhouse some time ago,How did Xia Jian jump into your vegetable plot??You still know him?”Luo Yi deliberately made grandma happy。
Grandma Luo listened,Can’t help laughing:“You girl,I knew that grandma was not。But I have to remind you。You are doing things,I have to follow Xia Jian to learn,Look at others,Do everything so well”
“Grandma laughed,Mr. Luo, she is the one who does great things,Not like me。Grow vegetables,I’ll give you a massage,But talking about doing big things,That’s far worse”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Luo Nai,Pretending to be angry, he raised his face and said:“What Luo!Just call her Luo Yi,You are about the same age,I don’t want to hear that between you guys,This is the rule”
“Remembered grandma!You said your dish should be poured now?”Luo Yi smiled and interrupted the topic of Grandma Luo。She is a smart woman,She’s afraid grandma will be happy,Tell me what makes everyone embarrassed。
Grandma Luo glanced at Xia Jian and said:“You have to be expert,I’ll leave it to you here,I just watch it”
“mom!You’re right,Sit here every day,Let Ali help you,No, I call two workers over”Luo Jun quickly said to the old lady。
Grandma Luo glanced at her son,Smiled slightly:“You know to call workers,This matter,Can’t let Luo Yi do it??Moreover,Can Xia Jian help her?!”
When Grandma Luo said this,,A little angry。Luo Jun looked angry at my old lady,I was so scared that I hurried to the other side,Dare not say a word。
Xia Jian walked around the ground,Reached out and grabbed some dirt,Found that the soil in the ground is very humid,This shows that this dish does not lack water。
So he deliberately said loudly to Luo Yi:“No need to water anymore,Plenty of water。Open the roof of the greenhouse,Let the seedlings bask in the sun”