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Le Hongcheng’s words,Let the soldiers around the Temple of the Temple of Temple。

at this point,In fact, it is almost the same as they expect.。
In fact, they look at them.,at this point,It should also be all necessary to do this.。
After all, this time,These things,In fact, it has become unquestionable.。
“Or is it right?,We have,I want to be too simple.。”
“Yes,Shen Xuan did have two times,If we don’t hurry the time,So, when you get lost,I am afraid it will be。”
“in other words,If it really starts from here?,Then this time,Let’s everyone,You need to prepare it well.!”
Look here,At this moment,Surroundings,I didn’t forget it here.。
After all, now,In fact, this matter,What way is going to solve it?。
In fact, what is wrong?,Still give a feeling。
That is from the current,These things you encounter now,In turn,How much is still not enough?。
And you can focus on this scene,This,In fact, for these,Le Hongcheng is, the more you look, the more it feels good.。
“very good,In fact, this matter,I feel very interested.。”
“So next,Let’s……”
Le Hongcheng is planning to continue,But at this moment,people around me,Holdly hurried to this side。
In front of this person,While running,Still don’t forget to talk to your eyes。
“Housekeeper,Great event,Our music,There is a problem.。”
“and,This situation,More than once,The same is true elsewhere.。”
With this person,Finishing Le Hongcheng,This is to let Le Hongcheng look,The more I feel very ridiculous。
It is completely unpredictable.,Flat,In front of you。
After all, this matter,Next,How should I handle it?。
In fact, let’s say something.,Inversely, give a feeling。
That is next,In fact itself,Still there should be this necessary quick point。
“what’s the situation,Who is doing??”
Le Hongcheng’s expression,Look more and more,Suddenly said。
actually,When telling this time,Le Hongcheng’s heart,Probably guess,Do people,Who is it?。
as predicted,Le Hongcheng’s face,Le Jia’s guard,It is said to this。
Shen Xuan?
Especially now,When I heard this name。
For Le Hongcheng,His inner depths,It’s even a murder.。