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While Zhao Dabao was conspired,Qi Ba is also extremely fast measuring the situation on the field。

The scene is obvious,Sui city forces headed by Mr. Zhao,In Zhao Dabao‘Poisoning’After the strength is greatly reduced,Failure is only a matter of time。
but,Defeat is defeat,Does not mean defeat,In case Mr. Zhao breaks through,The next situation is hard to say。
Mr. Zhao,That’s a legend in the legend,Not only forceful,Personality is even more important。
Once Mr. Zhao gets out of trouble,How the situation will develop is really unpredictable。
The current situation is one of three choices,First, the alliance with Yichun City is the most advantageous for the wall to fall with the wind.,But as the leader of a city, Qiba,I really can’t swallow this breath,Do such a grandson。
The second is to watch from the wall,Mingzhe’s two don’t help each other,It’s just that Mingzhe saved himself this time,Next time I am in trouble,There may not necessarily be someone to help。
The reason is simple,View from above,It will inevitably lead to no one sincerely helping themselves in the future。You treat allies like this,Do you still hope your allies will help you in the future??
The third is the most dangerous,It is also the most likely option,That is to continue to stand in the same boat with Sui City,Together。
to be frank,Three roads,Three choices,Really
Stumped Qi Ba。
Because behind Qi Ba is a brother from the same city,But a large society,Every decision he makes,Will affect the future of many people,Even life。
If it’s his own brother,In this case,Nothing said,Give your life to help、There is nothing wrong with helping each other。
but,He represents a lot of people now、Many brothers。
When Qi Ba is in a dilemma,Hey,He saw the movements of the birds in the clouds,Bright in mind。
Qi Ba waved his hand:
“brothers,Give me the person who stopped the bird in the cloud!”
With Qi Ba’s order,He Daguan City chose the third way。of course,The choice at this time means a lot。
Seeing that the brothers on Daguanshi Road forced them up,Under the great joy in the heart of the bird in the cloud,The commander started to confront Qi Ba。