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“Thirty-three years。”

“what?”Lei Tianzi’s hand shakes,Almost pierced Lotus Qiong’s ears,There is still a needle in his finger,To conceal the shock in my heart,Lei Tianzi smiled:“Your cultivation speed is so fast,I reached the realm of the gods in only 33 years。”
“I do not know why either,Cultivation is as easy as drinking water。”He Hua Qiong didn’t know why her cultivation speed was so fast,Lei Tianzi also feels strange,If He Hua Qiong is still a realm of the upper and lower stage of the infant, Lei Tianzi can understand,The realm reaches the point where God’s Domain is basically close to God,How can you not know your physique、Gong Fa、What about the common sense of the magic medicine?In order to upgrade, other immortal cultivators have spent their minds looking for all kinds of incredible methods.,But Lotus Qiong doesn’t seem to follow the trend at all。
“Do you remember how you got poisoned??”
“I don’t remember at all,Just remember after poisoning,Dad died in the battle。”Lotus Qiong’s eyes looked at the garden outside、Water pavilion,Long eyelashes are moistened。
“Ok,The past is over,Only facing the future,There is happiness at all。”Lei Tianzi patted Lotus Qiong on the shoulder and said。
Back to the laboratory of the fairy space,Lei Tianzi’s heart moved:“Even Lotus Qiong’s father is a general who fought the world,It’s not always true that someone will be a victim of a little girl who doesn’t remember anything.。”
He picked up the test tube containing the toxin in Hehua Qiong’s body,Concentrate your eyes on the bright place,But another bold idea arose in my heart:“If this poison was given by Hehua Qiong’s father,,That can explain all the unreasonable places,Any crazy behavior by a father who loves his daughter is understandable。”
Lei Tianzi suspects that Hehua Qiong’s cultivation so fast is related to poisoning,While studying this poison, he discovered,Actually the poison sampled is not very toxic,Just the opposite,It also contains an unknown and very active mysterious substance,That substance is harmless to the human body,There is really no reason to mix in poison。
The ingredients of every poison are very strict,If it is a harmful poison mixed with irrelevant substances,It will definitely reduce the effect,Even poison cannot be excluded,Someone wants to harm Lotus Joan,The poison used must be pure,It shouldn’t be mixed with mysterious substances。
Lei Tianzi continues to study this substance,Use the advanced equipment of the laboratory to cultivate some,Although there are only so many soybeans,But it took Lei Tianzi seven days and seven nights,Put in the hands of others,Even if all the strength is exhausted, there is no output at all,This is because Lei Tianzi is proficient in many fields,There are advanced equipment in hand。
Lei Tianzi put a substance the size of soybean grains in his mouth and was about to eat it,Suddenly there was a warning sign in my heart,In half a second,His heart beat faster five times,Tianzi Lei immediately put down the inexplicable substance in his hand,Think for a moment,Name this substance“Early Warning One”,Pack it carefully in a porcelain bottle the size of a thumb。
This is one of the very few warning substances Lei Tianzi encountered in his life,He won’t give it to people easily until he doesn’t know what it belongs to,Then according to the standard procedure of the experiment, orders were given to 10,000 paper puppets,Let paper puppets use laboratory equipment to produce Early Warning No. 1。