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More than no blame,Instead, it keeps the smile of the bystander,As if this is the law of the Yaozu——You have no talent,You can’t become stronger!

“I want to prove whether these vixen trust me without thinking,This is a good opportunity for temptation?If it fails,Just give up the next plan。”
Yan Ruyu has a decision,Naturally, he looked at Thirteen Little Treasures in front of him。
A short and fat red fox,and,The head is still very big,seriously,If someone says this fat vixen has talent,He doesn’t believe it。
“Your name is thirteen?”
“Thirteen Little Treasures!”Thirteen Little Treasure gritted his teeth and replied。
“Do you like sugar?”Yan Ruyu took out a small iron box from his body,Take out another piece of maltose from inside,Hand it to Shisanxiaobao。
“like……like!”Thirteen little treasures look at the golden maltose in front of you,Saliva came out at once,As if I forgot the blow I just received。
“Ok,I like it too。”Yan Ruyu readily put the maltose in his hand into his mouth,Chewed,Exudes a fragrant malt aroma。
“……”Thirteen Little Treasures。
“This sugar is so sweet。”
Yan Ruyu chewed maltose with satisfaction,then,Took out another piece from the small tin box:“correct,Do you know?Just now you said there is an ancient book of Taoism,Do you remember the name?”
This is Yan Ruyu’s brilliance,Did not immediately praise the talent of Thirteen Little Treasures,But pretend to ask a question that everyone thinks he will care about。
Thirteen Little Treasure swallowed hard,then,Looked at Mr. Da again,After discovering that Mr. Da did not stop,Replied immediately:“I can’t remember,I just probably remember,There is one in the title‘clear’word。”