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Shimeng simply walked in,“Let’s continue drinking!”

She looks carefree。
now,I really want Shi Meng to go away。
Since I intend to leave us time,Let me speak with Yao Yun separately,Why not give more time?
Yao Yun took the wine glass from the table,Then took a sip。
“I have to go home,Something at home,Lost。”
She stood up,Nod your head slightly at me。
After all, I still didn’t make it clear。
I quickly stood up,“President Yao,Your stuff dropped。”
I grabbed the bank card on the table,Into her hands。
Yao Yun looked at the bank card in hand,Show a helpless smile,“OK then。”
she left。
But my heart is full of sadness。
Shimeng and I drink,I even do a few cups。
quickly,Shi Meng is defeated。
Chapter Seventy Two It’s okay to scold your mother and behead
Shimeng looked at me with drunken eyes,“Master,Thank you so much today,if there was not you,I’m done today。”