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Speak,My relationship with Chen Zhifei,Very average in college。

Only after graduation,Everyone stays in this city,Occasionally do classmates get together,I usually have very little contact。
Niu Jianfeng is there,And sit in the position of the guest of honor,See me in,He beckoned to me,Let me sit by his side。
“So many people today,Let’s have a small gathering。”Chen Zhifei explained,“Zuo Zhi,Why didn’t you bring Zhou Rui here?。”
I smiled awkwardly,“She went shopping with her friends。”
Zhou Rui’s resignation to deliver food,I didn’t tell anyone。
Seeing everyone else getting mixed up,She delivered a takeaway,Shame to speak out。
Chen Zhifei smiled,Turned around and said to Niu Jianfeng,“Jianfeng,Do you have a girlfriend now,Do you want your sister-in-law to introduce one to you?”
Wu Lan, who was sitting next to Chen Zhifei, immediately said with a smile,“Yes,I know several best friends,One is more beautiful,I’ll introduce to you later。”
Wu Lan,Chen Zhifei’s wife,I fell in love with Chen Zhifei since high school,Ups and downs for so many years,Never leave,Envy others。
We are still learning the island’s national movie,When receiving enlightenment education,Wu Lan has given birth to Chen Zhifei。
“No need to,I have a girlfriend。”Niu Jianfeng said。
“Do you still miss Wang Yi??”Another classmate joked。
Niu Jianfeng couldn’t help but glanced at me,Did not speak。
I picked up the wine glass on the table and said,“Everyone drinking。”
After three rounds of wine,Niu Jianfeng got up to the toilet,Patted my shoulder,Motion me to go out with him。
I stood up immediately。
Chen Zhifei also stood up。