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The old man’s name is Mu Gao,Mu Yuzhu’s servant,original,Mu Yuzhu was framed by others,Was imprisoned by the Qu family of the upper world,If there is no outsider to rescue,May never get out of prison。

After learning the news,Lei Tianzi said nothing,Directly instruct Xuanyuan Dandan:“Go to Sima Mainland,Find a composer。”
After speaking,Leaving the auction with Mu Gao,Went straight to Sima Mainland,Even the two female fairies of the Dongfang family can’t take care of greeting。
Watching Lei Tianzi pulling Xuanyuan Dandan away,Dongfang Pearl stomped her feet in a hurry,Today, the Dongfang family invited Xuanyuan Dandan to the auction,There is an important event after the auction is over,Unexpectedly, the plan was disrupted by Emperor Lei,I can’t tell the elders of the family after I go back,May cause the anger of the elders in the family because of this incident,Very unfavorable for future development。
Dongfang Pearl and Dongfang Mingyu hurriedly followed,Four people left from the teleportation of the auction,Come out of Yuqiao City in Sima Mainland,Yuan Li outside、Xu Na、Man Man、Feng Xianliang、Feng Xiankui and others are waiting for the Emperor Lei。
Tianzi Lei immediately spoke to them:“Win the composer,Don’t talk about the offender,Rescue the screen jade beads。”
Among these wives, only Yuan Li knows Mu Yuzhu,I couldn’t help but be stunned,Only then did I know that my husband had found Mu Yuzhu,Must have a great relationship with that composer。
The Qu family is in Yuqiao City,Man Man made a decisive decision,Immediately call out the strong sanctuary of Team Thunder,Issued a combat order,Mainly for composers,It has nothing to do with other cultivators,If anyone dares to hit the gun,No wonder the sergeants of the Thunder Team are going to kill,This is a standard military operation,Not kidding,Definitely need to use the head to show the value of force to others。
Yuqiao City is a site controlled by the Sima family,Team Thunder has an action in the city,Suddenly the storm,The faint hearted quickly leave this place of right and wrong,Alarmed the cultivators of the Sima family。
A strong man in the realm of kings stood in the air and asked:“Who are you?”
Xuanyuan Dandan might hurt the innocent,Hurriedly shouted:“It’s from the Xuanyuan family,People who are only looking for composers,Has nothing to do with other people,Those who do not listen to dissuasion die。”
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