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The moment when the deserted ship and the portal crossed by,He regrets a bit,Forgot to look back,But didn’t see anything,The scenery in front of me has changed to another look。

No need to explain too much,Lei Tianzi and others have entered the terrible demon realm,The circle that just came in has disappeared,There is only an empty piece behind。
He hurriedly stabilized his mind,Focus on the space in front of you,This is a completely different place from the starry sky,Although it’s empty,But the space is more transparent,Seems more pure than the starry sky、beautiful、As deep as。
The creatures who came in the demon realm can no longer see,Along with Lei Tianzi, there are nine other deserted ships floating around not far away,Fortunately, everyone is not lost,Lei Tianzi breathed a sigh of relief,Greet them to come and gather together。
There is Thunder King Super Brain on the deserted ship,Observed from the Sky Eye System,There is a magnificent continent about seven billion kilometers away.。
After zooming in, I saw the creatures on this continent,Lei Tianzi was surprised to find,I actually saw traces of human activities here。
At least the person seen in the camera has feet and hands,There is also a head and correct facial features。
These people dress differently,The outside of the body is still a robe,There are some differences between the style and the Xiuxianjie,The main thing is,Everyone has a hat on their head,They can fly in the air,Must belong to the cultivator。
Those human races live in a city,Can’t see the traces of creatures in the demon territory。
“Is it the human race caught by the creatures in the demon territory??”Lei Tianzi guessed like this in his heart,Then send a team of less than 100 people to inquire about the news。
The news that came back three days later made Lei Tianzi no longer calm,Because the news that the soldiers inquired was completely different from his guess,first of all,I don’t know if it’s a monster domain,The locals are all human,There is some ancient charm in speaking,They call it“Chendi”,It’s someone who doesn’t know how much space there is,The continent they see is at least one trillion square kilometers,Which is a vast and boundless place。
The immortal cultivators that the warriors have come into contact with are at least in the realm of the gods,And based on what the locals told,Even Zhenxian is not a master,There are countless cultivators who are higher than true immortals。
There are also many details,For example, local people divide a person’s cultivation base and status,Distinguish according to the hat on the person’s head,Anyone with a thinner and taller hat,The higher the cultivation base and social status。
In addition,The locals don’t know where the starry sky is,I don’t know what the demon domain is and the monsters with huge bodies,But fighters are better at inquiring about news,Spent money to make a friend,After using the Sun and Moon imaging skills,Know from this person’s mouth,So-called monsters,Just some monsters,Enslaved by the human race。
This news gave Lei Tianzi a very bad feeling,He smelled a hint of conspiracy。
Then ordered the soldiers in front to continue to inquire,Learned a lot of things that are completely different from the starry sky,The first is that the cultivation methods here are different,The locals do not call immortals,But called“Practitioner”,A word difference is nothing,But the specific training details are even more different,People here rarely eat Lingdan、God pill、The elixir drug used to break through the bottleneck,They pay more attention to the practice and inheritance,The most reliable behavior is to get a peerless exercise,Then practice all the way to the realm of the king’s domain,That is the life with the best luck。
The realm of Wang Yu is a level higher than that of immortals,In other words,The locals are born into an infant period,Then there is the powerhouse、Immortal、True fairy、immortal、Wang Yu and other realms。
Lei Tianzi couldn’t help but breathe in the air,He is now in the realm of attracting the strong,It’s also a master in the stars,Unexpectedly, Chendi actually belonged to the circle of just practicing,Up there is a realm higher than the real immortal,Lei Tianzi knows a little at the level of immortals,Better than real fairy,The level of Wang Yu has never even heard of it,Must be a very powerful character。