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Just when the observer is still thinking about how to explain all this,Lei Haotian said from the side:“father,He is just curious,Is there a need for research,Have to observe further,We just watch it here,Go back and rest with mom。”

Their new Star Castle is about three days away from the explosion site,Looks like this is really useless,This is a problem everyone knows。
Emperor Lei nodded solemnly,Bring his wife Zhai Jun back to the cave。
The observer clasped his fists and said to Lei Haotian:“Thank you young master for your help,Said something nice for me。”
“Thank me why?I’m just telling the truth,Let’s watch,Pay attention to the time。”Lei Haotian is very curious about the glacier that erupts once in three hours,Things that are regular must have research value,Even if you get nothing in the end,Such a landscape is also very rare,Show that the glacier changes its shape through continuous explosion,Reveals a principle of scientific value。
Lei Haotian has been observing the landscape of the Big Bang from a distance,He found,Every explosion is not in the same place,But the explosion site shifted slightly,in other words,Every big bang is more than a hundred miles away,This is a bit strange,Unless there is a person or a certain creature below who is manipulating this big explosion,And Lei Haotian seems to have seen a shot of a person flashing past the scene on the big screen,He suspected that the big bang was consciously manipulated,So through comparison and reasoning,More and more proved that his guess is the closest to the answer。
Three days passed in a flash,They are close to the location of the glacier,Prior to this, hundreds of unmanned remote-controlled aerial vehicles were dispatched to take close-up photography from multiple angles.,Because every lens has a computer operating system,As long as you find a figure, you can shoot infinitely,If there is no shadow camera will stop working,Not take those useless shots,This saves a lot of unnecessary resources and time。
All-round shooting without dead ends finally found,All people have seen it,Under the glacier there is a long-haired humanoid object moving fast,Every movement can cause a strong reaction from the glacier,Now it’s definitely down,The weird big bang of the glacier is inseparable from the humanoid object,Now they have to figure out,Is that person practicing or looking for a certain treasure,Lei Haotian prefers this person to practice,Lei Tianzi judges that the person is looking for treasure。
The opinions of the father and son are completely different。
Made a bold guess。
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Six Strong pillar
In the operation cabin of the new Star Castle, except for the different opinions of Lei Tianzi and Lei Haotian,Others haven’t commented yet,In their view,Lei Haotian’s guess is more reliable,Lei Tianzi always seems to be looking for baby,So that I saw a certain weird phenomenon and immediately thought about the baby,Other than that, I rarely think of other aspects。
This is not to blame on Lei Tianzi’s head,The whole world of immortality pays attention to adventures and treasures,As long as a cultivator has an adventure,The cultivation base must be constantly moving up,If there is no adventure,Relying solely on diligent practice in this life,Hard to achieve much,Most of the immortal cultivators fell outside the two thresholds of the solid foundation period and the infant period,The road of cultivation has ended,Left a lot of regrets。
Guessing is always false,Everything can be told in fact,One hundred thousand miles away from the glacier,The new Star Castle stopped,The remaining two new star castles parked at 500,000 kilometers and 2 million kilometers away respectively,This is the distance to be ready for emergency rescue,As long as the star castle in front calls,Reinforcement or military strikes with confirmed targets can be carried out anytime and anywhere。