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City League is Liaoning Thick Basketball Soil

Original title: Urban League is July 3, 2021, the city-men’s basketball league in Liaoning Province, will open the battle in Panjin City. This is the first large-scale event organized since the establishment of the Basketball Sports Association in Liaoning Province. In response to the leading events launched by basketball physical reform. "At present, basketball movement […]

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Guangdong Women’s Troupe again defended 2021 National Gymnastics Championship Championship

  Xinhua News Agency, March 5 (Reporter Lu Yu Chen, Shen Nan, Niu Meng) defending Champion Guangdong team 5 days with total score divided into 2021 National Gymnastics Championships and Tokyo Olympic Games Selection, the 14th National Games Gymnastics Qualification Women’s champion.   The Chinese gymnastics women’s team is divided into four groups. Liu Tingting, Guan Chen […]

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Henan Fuyang: Cultural Cooperatives Training Taiwan Pillar

This is a minority of the Shuyang County Cultural Cooperative Service Festival. In recent years, Shuyang County has focused on strengthening the construction of cultural cooperatives, innovation methods, playing positions, and gradually achieving the transformation of cultural culture into cultural culture, with the basis of cultural revitalization, leading the village. The team is sound and […]

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Beautiful China (Wanghai Building) with the cultivator and the natural harmonious symbiosis

  Small-off is not comprehensive, and the quality of ecological environment is critical. Cannot announce a comprehensive construction of a well-off society, and the ecological environment is still very poor. Now, we have built a well-off society in China. Then, what is the quality of ecological environment in my country? The data is evidence. 2020 national […]

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Han Jun presided over the 2021th executive meeting of Jilin Province 2021

Original title: Target Target Full Sprint Promotion of Economic Stability Inn November 16th, Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Han Jun, presided over the provincial government 2021 executive meetings, research from January to October, the province’s economic operation, review "Changchun Modern City Circle Development Plan (2021-2035)" "Jilin Province" 14th "Medical Device Industry Development Plan" "Implementation Opinions […]

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How to make cyberspace more integrity?

Strengthening the integrity management of cyberspace is an important aspect of the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period "promoting integrity culture, promoting integrity construction", and network technology is an important starting. What are the positive role of network technology to strengthen network space integrity? What issues are facing using network technology to strengthen network space integrity? The […]

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De dagelijkse commentator van mensen: diep begrijpen van de onderscheidende kenmerken en politieke voordelen van het versterken van de politieke constructie van de partij – op de geest van het leren en implementeren van de 19e plenaire zitting van de partij

  Xinhua News Agency, 16 november People’s Daily November 17 Critics Artikel: Begrijp de onderscheidende kenmerken en politieke voordelen van het versterken van de politieke constructie van de partij – op de studie en implementatie van de 19e China-plenaire zitting van de Partij van de Geest van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Sessie Partij van […]