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How can it be so strong??

“Who are you??” “Forest。” Did you think that this person is in the end?。 So powerful,Shouldn’t be nameless。 “The strength of Taoist friends is not underestimated,Not as good as we plan to discuss?” “what?” “Who is there anything in half?,It is better to play and lose win.。” “What is the gambling?What is gambling?” Old Taoist […]

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Blue Xin looked at Yao Yao,Laughing nodded,“Yao Yao,Hiwei,I think,Your life should never have a decent.,National live broadcast。”

Blue Xin refers to the camera on the big clothes button。 Lin Xiwei and Yao Yao were shocked about her.。 At this time,front desk,Everyone is shocked by this scene。 The previous people are surprised to watch the big screen。 Yun’an shallow and Yao Yaojing, such as death。 Qin Shu arrived on the face of blood。 […]

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“That’s good,Master despite sharing attack,Haha。”Nine reverse the words turned to the direct tearing void disappeared。

Lin Feng heard the words directly to the depths of the sea.,Carefully collect the simultaneous crystal absorption along the way along the way.,Absorbed time and space crystal is growing,Three months in the past three months。 Lin Feng’s figure is sitting in the depth of the sea,It’s like a statue.,Suddenly there is a weighing,Shrouded ten-party void,This […]

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Still breaking silence in summer,“Do you know that Victoria’s drops??”

“She should be fine。” Monica voice is cold,The mouth is outlined,Soon disappear,Also,“Recent years,The bloody neutral party rises because of her,And she has a holy apparatus such as eating ,Not a few people can let her。” Paused,Swift,“But,The Magic Party and Ministry of the Blood Party are more powerful,And the three party relationships are complex,Since she didn’t […]

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Wine Yi Yuezi listened to another,Ask:“Ouyang Jianping and Li Bozhi were arrested?”

“Don’t confuse me,It is your special class yesterday.。” “I really don’t know when I got it yesterday.,Because I was not in special classes yesterday.。” “No matter what you are,Now I will go to call Ouyang Jianping and Li Bo.!Otherwise we will be with you.,In addition, I warn you,If my big sister and Dr. Li are […]

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After the two of them washed by the stream,Liu Mu suddenly shouted:“Who is hiding in the water,come out faster!Otherwise I’m welcome!”

Chen Xiu’s heart trembled,He used Gu Rimou to teach himself by hiding in the water“Concealment”The air-holding method inside,Thought to myself:“You don’t know if you swim by,This Liu Mu can actually find me!Is his cultivation level higher than Liu Fengxing?” Just listen to what Liu Su said:“Liu Mu,Don’t be nervous,People here and there!” “Liu Su,You are […]

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“eagle。Their situation can be handed over.。”

“let it go!Even if they see me,As long as I can’t fall,They can’t help me.。” Eagle。 Fly to the location of the forest。 It is quite confident in the air。 And it believes,Be considered,Can you have it?? “Have seen it。The elephant really gave the person.。” The nose sniffed: “what is this?” See the cultivation of […]

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Obviously Herring Tie is also suspected,Is it really trick before Ma Guangzuo?,That’s actually not included——If you calm down, think about it.,马光佐 智商,It is difficult to make“Undercover”Talent!

Just have a delay before,Herring Tie Tree does not want to stay him,And now I now leave,He later tied to the emperor,Put the pot on the horse,One pushed four or five six。 “That……Please eat meat first first,I will hit you again.!”Ma Guangzuo said,Also big steps。 “Stupid brother,You and don’t walk?”Chu Deirers ask Yue Lao three […]

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Crisp and pleasant flash sound,Next moment after the pig girl flashed,It is once again in this battlefield.。 and,Because there is no flash,Tammminated Tammminated。 Before the flash of the cloud,Xia’s figure has become incapacitated,Gently,Xia Cai handed over his own flash。 Realize this,And after the reaction。Tumm suddenly heard,There are countless fierce breaks in your own ear.。 Go […]

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The Han Yuxuan is not bad,At least,People in order to read the book,Every day is very worried,And you?”

Kiki glanced at him,Continue to write homework。 She just put a pen,Xiao Jun put down the pen in his hand.,Warm laugh and look at my mother,Mom is accompanying them to do homework,very warm,“Mother,I have finished my homework.,Help me sign。” Tone,It is also more gentle than usual.。 Blue Xin laughs,“Xiao Jun,You are really fast this speed.。” […]