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I have seen a few times.,The relationship is also,Chen Linzhi smiled and passed:“It’s still ahead.,Move to other places,Usually rarely come over,I want to eat your house today.,Special running,It is very delicious.。”

“Hundred years of formula,I still have a meal in Beller in the ancestors in the family.,Can sell seven or eight hundred buns every morning,Both is the old man。” Song boss finished,Finally talk about it,Be embarrassed:“My son, he.,Before you have done well in a company,The boss is going down.,Already in the home for more than two […]

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When Wang Teng was talking here,At this moment Wang Teng felt,Play with him,In fact, it is also possible。

———— Chapter One Hundred and Ten See here,Hong Tian waved his hands around。 “What are you doing,Hurry up?” After Hong Tiandu said these words,Those people around saw it,Even faster,Come quickly to the front。 Put it in front of you,It looks like,It’s almost like a gust of wind that was brought up suddenly,In an instant,Has arrived […]

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Although the strength of the bald head,I want to kill themselves.,Not simple。

But because he is too strong.,A meal of ordinary boxing,The geeks basically blurred flesh and blood.。 There are many geeks here.,Some people can eat,Have some can’t eat,There are still some half to eat half can’t eat.。 Bright head,I can’t eat a flesh and blood.,Let him shoot,It is very likely that there is nothing.。 But the […]

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Le Hongcheng’s words,Let the soldiers around the Temple of the Temple of Temple。

at this point,In fact, it is almost the same as they expect.。 In fact, they look at them.,at this point,It should also be all necessary to do this.。 After all, this time,These things,In fact, it has become unquestionable.。 “Or is it right?,We have,I want to be too simple.。” “Yes,Shen Xuan did have two times,If we […]

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Leader arrogance,Autumn lack,Ice cone,The haunted half of the magic cliffs is disconnected.,Their figure is rapid,Turn into a lightning flash to shoot four-sided eight parties。

“boom!” This power is in the mountain,The speed is faster than their escape.,Carrying a devastating airflow。 “Roar!” Huge power is in this moment into a wolf vain,Wolf imaginary shadow,Both the brighter with scarlet light,Yang Tian Wangzhi’s Taiyin Star,动 片 大 地,With a thrilling power。 This force makes all half-holy feels the breath of death。 “All […]

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“5.01Wanjinshi。”6The sound of Hitra is coming in the box.:“Thank you for your gambling god.。”

“you are welcome,Originally, this kind of devil knife is what I have to get.,Unfortunately, my body is limited.,Can only give up。”Lin Feng faint。 “it is good!”Hitra tanguar is cold,Nothing。 Zhang Shaoze looked at the whole group,He took the golden hammer and hit ancient bells.,Suddenly ancient bell sounded,The entire group of Xian Temples are in silence,Zhang […]

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When Wang Youdao is gone,Wang Youcai began to think about these things。It seems his second brother is not in Pingdu,But Pingdu also has his eyeliner。this means,He still hasn’t forgotten Pingdu,Ready to come back to work anytime。

Thought of here,Wang Youcai was happy。If 2nd Brother really came to work in Pingdu,,Wang Youcai is not the beneficiary。Thinking about this good thing,Wang Youcai fell asleep unconsciously。 Second in the morning,Until someone is talking in the yard,Wang Youcai opened his eyes。He saw it was late,And got up quickly。 Yard,Wang Degui is playing with his one-year-old […]

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“Uh……40,000。”Ning Hao still thought that Wang Jing was too much,Hurried out 10,000。

Wang flow instantly moon laughter,Feelings he didn’t listen to the wrong,Ning Hao really thinks 50,000 to shoot a movie,Although I heard that there is no name,He mixed very miserable,But not so miserable,50,000 to shoot a movie,This is too cold.。 However, he doesn’t know,Beinee Ninghao is so miserable,And more than now.,In order to shoot this movie,He […]

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save you?

How to save? Ye Nantian is full of eyes,The middle has been occupied by the wild wolf.,Indulgent。 This group of wolves is also national secondary protected animals,They can’t come messy,This causes them to be helpless! “Boss,Let’s drive away them.?” Chen Tian is on the side,Can’t help but say,“Don’t drive away,We can’t go,The few people in […]