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The audience argued eagerly,The hall is very noisy,Until Bo/Color terminal announced the start of the second round。

—— 1944year,Mountain city。 Everyone temporarily put aside the unhappiness with Kong Er,After settled down, I began to discuss how to get air tickets to Citi.,Li Suifeng suggested to go to the AIA Club to find out the news,There is the famous and high-end Jinjin Cave,Customers are either high-ranking officials or allied personnel in Ming,It’s easier […]

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Lu Yong said regretfully to Lei Luojing:“Ugh!I was really caught by Lu Guan,I should first go to the City Lord’s Mansion to report the true cultivation base。”

“So what?”Lei Luojing didn’t worry at all,The whole Dongtian blessed land is her father’s place,Of course she will be calm。 “Do not report the true cultivation base,Equivalent to treason。”Lu Yong quietly wiped the cold sweat and said。 “Nothing,I’m here。”Lei Luojing comforted a word,Then said:“Your sister must be pretty?” “of course,Lu Qi is my pride。” Rolled […]

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More than no blame,Instead, it keeps the smile of the bystander,As if this is the law of the Yaozu——You have no talent,You can’t become stronger!

“I want to prove whether these vixen trust me without thinking,This is a good opportunity for temptation?If it fails,Just give up the next plan。” Yan Ruyu has a decision,Naturally, he looked at Thirteen Little Treasures in front of him。 A short and fat red fox,and,The head is still very big,seriously,If someone says this fat vixen […]

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“For your face,Just mean it,I don’t care about the millions。”

Liu Tang was surprised,Said:“boss Zhang,Millions don’t care anymore?Do you know how much money my husband has?He has tens of billions of assets,You don’t care about millions,Husband doesn’t care much。” Liu Tang, who has been in the society since childhood, understands,Really took advantage of Mr. Zhang,There will be a price,Lei Tianzi will definitely not agree,By then,Mr. […]

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First339chapter The boss thinks you can

Base time and space,A flash of white light,The traversing cabin with the breath of a thousand years appeared out of thin air,The staff who had been waiting for a long time came forward,Check the body of everyone in the crossing group,Receive the information collected by everyone,Due to improvements in traversal technology,This crossing,Although the time spent […]

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I quickly turned around,Afraid to see her。

They passed by me,The lavender perfume on Wu Lan pierced my nose,Made me sober immediately。 A heart beating violently。 “You know him?”The old man asked Wu Lan。 “Oh,do not recognize。”Wu Lan said。 I leave like a runaway。Come on the street,The breeze caress my face。 At this moment, my wine is almost sober。 I laughed at […]

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Leaving the Alien House,Tianzi Lei and the second woman agreed on the details of selling mountain bikes,Turn around, set up a stall and sell cars in an open space in the Jiuyi Town。

Lei Tianzi as a model,Riding a mountain bike to accelerate and stand upright from time to time、stroll、Flying with one hand to push the thrilling action of walking on the seat,Let people see more functions of mountain bikes,Not just a transportation tool,Still a kind of fun toy。 Qiao Huiru、Liu Tang watch the stall,There are more than […]

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In fact, they are not so proud,It’s the blackened baguette that I sent over looks disgusting,The thick red cabbage soup is no one will raise the desire of the mouth,So everyone would rather choose to die hungry。

“I dreamed of being ordinary last night,He said we can meet in history,Although I don’t know where he was exiled,But i want,If i die,Maybe you can meet him。” Li Lan said,Draw hair together,The breeze brushed her cheeks,Blow a trace of hair,The charm still exists,“Dawn watching the sky watching the clouds at dusk,Xing Ye Si Jun,Sit […]