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Liu Tang sent all his subordinates to assist in the excavation,The scene of nearly a million people working together is spectacular,They quickly opened up more than fifty tunnels,There are hundreds of thousands in every tunnel,Up and down,Each tunnel is divided into ten shifts for rotation excavation,All the fairy crystals are uniformly distributed by the coach Liu Tang。

Because it’s not digging for yourself,Many female fairies show negative sabotage,Liu Tang accepted Lei Tianzi’s opinion,Reward mechanism has been released in each team,Any team that excavates a lot,There will be a variety of fairy crystal rewards,Laggards have corresponding punishments。 After this rule is published,The mining speed immediately increased by more than ten times,Every cultivator refuses […]

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Taking advantage of Pang Duoer’s half-drunk state,Lei Tianzi slowly touched her cheek,Then send a deep kiss,Pang Duoer also has physical needs,I was so excited by him,Hug backhand,Two people got together。

afterwards,Pang Duoer is very happy,Stop visiting the Yaozu side,Often holding Lei Tianzi and not letting go,In this way, Diabolo Xueer was left out,She vented her anger on Lei Tianzi,Often ask for,Let Lei Tianzi have an idea of cocooning himself,I had to cheer up and go all out to satisfy the two demon female fairies。 Fortunately, […]

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Yang Pingfan nodded,“Except for this reason,I can’t think of a more reasonable explanation。Ha ha,It seems that this golden plate,Really interesting,It’s worth getting some people to get it,Not hesitate to eradicate all competitors。”

Of course Yang Pingfan won’t know,This golden plate is not just interesting。 Li Lan asked,“What should I do next?And Lao Guo,Isn’t he going to have an accident?,I……I am very sad。” I heard Li Lan’s choking voice,There was a wave of hostility on Yang Pingfan’s face,“About Lao Guo,Settle accounts together。at this point,It’s useless for us to […]

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Huang Lei took a sip of tea,Seems to be surprised,Tao:“what happened?Not abused enough in the morning?I brought it home again to find something?”</P>

</P> I noticed the bad eyes of a few people,Wang Yuzheng body shakes,Waved his hand quickly:“Teacher Huang,I came here for serious business,The program team would like to ask you to cooperate with us in a fieldwork。”</P> </P> Huang Lei put down the cup,Tao:“Just this,Row,I’ll go with you。”</P> </P> Actually,Before the show starts,It’s already good。</P> </P> […]

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Just when the observer is still thinking about how to explain all this,Lei Haotian said from the side:“father,He is just curious,Is there a need for research,Have to observe further,We just watch it here,Go back and rest with mom。”

Their new Star Castle is about three days away from the explosion site,Looks like this is really useless,This is a problem everyone knows。 Emperor Lei nodded solemnly,Bring his wife Zhai Jun back to the cave。 The observer clasped his fists and said to Lei Haotian:“Thank you young master for your help,Said something nice for me。” […]

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The eyebrow ruler sounds thoughtful,The secret voice just stopped,He nodded,“I believe you,Give it to you。”

After speaking, he raised his hand to draw the blue sword from his shoulder,Smoothly cut forward from the back nape,The head fell on the moss on the ground,A plume of blood rose to the sky,Hula la,Startled the jackdaw in the woods,The noisy voice spread far in the sky。 The eyebrow ruler succumbed to death,Didn’t fall […]

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Simple local coking device,To facilitate gas collection,May need to modify the coke accumulation method a little,It’s best to keep one vent,The best way to improve efficiency is to build a coke oven,This can be done in ancient times,Because there was a blast furnace in the Eastern Han Dynasty,To burn ceramics later,Kiln technology is absolutely clear。

With ammonia,The next thing to do is to find an absorption medium,Absorb ammonia,Then made into nitrogen fertilizer,The absorption medium is nothing more than acid,Sulfuric acid is common,Hydrochloric acid and nitric acid。 Sulfuric acid is most convenient here,The production of hydrochloric acid is more complicated,Need to electrolyze salt water,Then we need to make hydrogen and chlorine、Gas […]

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“Teacher Huang,You pay attention to pots and pans,Don’t let them on the table,Soiled the meal。”</P>

</P> “Got it。”Teacher Huang, who was busy making soup, answered without raising his head。</P> </P> quickly,Teacher He came to the ridge,Looking at a green seedling,Admired:“Wow,You guys are really awesome,Made so much in the morning。”</P> </P> Peng Yu sings with hands on hips:“Teacher Ho,I think the show team gives too much time to three,Today we can […]

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“Then go see。”Lei Tianzi is not too afraid of the strong in the realm of real immortality,He has several assassins that specialize in dealing with the strong。

At the door of the Diabolo family,Xiao Xiao walked in,The demon cultivator who guards the gate not only does not stop,Bow(shēn)salute,Lei Tianzi pay attention to observation,I saw Xiao Xiao’s right hand making a strange gesture,index finger、Middle finger、Ring finger up,Thumb and little finger buckled together。 This gesture must represent Xiao Xiao’s(shēn)Share,He secretly communicated to a guardian,And […]

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But the world of immortality is so vast,After hundreds of millions of years,Countless talented predecessors have repeatedly studied,Finally found that there is something called“Yuan Yueshui”Treasure,Wrap Yuanyue Water for Xingsuo,Without affecting the speed,Yuan Yueshui can manipulate the star shuttle to avoid various dangers in the starry sky,It can also prevent Star Shuttle from colliding with other aircraft。

Lei Tianzi is overjoyed,Thought:“It should be that no one in this world knows Yuan Yueshui,This was sold as waste,The value of this thing cannot be measured,No one wants to sell,Who has Yuan Yueshui,It means you can travel in the stars at will,It has an irreplaceable role in developing resources and discovering new planets。” Lei Tianzi […]