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Then there is any benefit??”

Lin Yu is also a matter of understanding Xu Ruzhen.。 “You have changed so young,So beautiful, what is the benefits?? And you said before, as long as I mention it, you can do it.,You will not refuse.!” Be said this by Xu Ruzhen,Lin Yu, really don’t know what to go back.。 “Ok,Ok,Promise you,I really didn’t […]

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Zuo Luo directly pressed his hand,Force:“Can you continue now?”

Medical force:“……”Row,Young people are fierce。 Waiting for the medical force to get the big and small wound on Zuo Luohuan,She also borrowed a jacket of the seventeen army,Directly drive to the military committee to open。 Open in the port,Rectify the surroundings along the way,I don’t know that Zuo Luo has arrived a military committee […]

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Diary has no diary from here.,The content has not become no head,Only some seemingly famous sentences after the appearance。

“I didn’t seem to sleep a whole day yesterday.,Bodied,After waking up, he saw the people who were sitting on a wood.,And this person is me.!” “It has me,my voice,My expression,my memory……This person is what I am me.,and‘I’Just a body!” The next one becomes more messy,Like a doodle of a child,Occasionally there will be some kinds […]

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Eva cold face,Turntable,“Come with me。” “Your Mightiness,There will be no life。”Baker also waits hands。 Summer deeply staring at him,Follow Eva to go outside。 After the figure is completely disappeared,Baker also looks at the night cross,“Let’s go too.,Go to Hong Kong。” Um? Night cross four people。 “Are we not leaving here?。” “of course not。”Baker shakes his […]

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“What is that?!”Fuffmea raised hands and a space cutting,A armored car snorted into two halves,The driver of the driver is sitting on the ground,But everyone did not think about this armored vehicle,Including Freelian yourself,All rare light is attracted by the light blade that is like running.。

“This isleaderDo you want to fight against enemies??”Not far from the short wall,Beravulate,The original dark eyes have a deeper point,Looking at the direction of the light blade in the distance,Muttering,It has always been clearly horrified in the first time in the contesty, and the last time.,“Herein” “This extent,It’s too foul.!”Binzhi is biting a teeth,Explore the […]

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The expression of Jingxuan is not stressed.:“……”

He can’t watch,Previous step forward:“High-altitude,What do you mean??My brother is so good to praise you.,You talk so much.?” “The truth should also tell people with understanding.。” Advisor,Kill four squares,“How can I praise me?,Sword, this person is not worth pronouncement.?” He nodded,A pair of understanding:“It turns out that the way of this Haizong’s hospitality,Learned——Also shackled。” He […]

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World Zun is clear、The breath of the ultra-off is more and more,As if the imprint of He staying in the world will also calcine,Dispelling。

The income of the bronze garde ancient Buddha is in order to dissipate the world,Actually breeding the Buddha’s nature of Wang Yang,More pounds than before,Flush unbelievable。 Paint black copper is also difficult to bury。 Big magic is early,When he saw the old haircut turned into a cause of the Buddha.,I have already guess that […]

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“I am really afraid of him.,It’s a spray.,Egg!”

“All right,Xuan Ge is the most powerful,The guy is a waste,Network spray!” …… At this time,Xuan Ge’s live room,Most people have been waiting anxious,Rumbled,I feel that the star is a gun.,This will definitely be running.,Not dare to face。 “Not urgent,I will wait for two minutes.!” Shen Xuan’s brids,“This time,I am still waiting for,Just say it […]

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For a long time,Liu Qingqing take the initiative,“You really intend to expel him?”

Narrate。 The charming face of Qinling has also emerged.,Whispered a sentence,“This bastard。” Say,God becomes serious,“Even without him,In a few days, I will always let them find a chance to provoke.,Qi Tenglong Security Company inform me,Personnel are ready,Come ready to settle。” NS022chapter plot Summer instinct perception is very keen。 This thing is not as simple […]

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She suddenly laughed,The slow smile is very dazzling:“Summer Director,Is this a little thing??You are not such a attitude you just,You don’t mean this is what I and President’s determination??Is it nothing to do with you??Since it doesn’t matter with you,I will find the president to solve it.,Is this wrong??”

“Did not you say,Is I climbed with a man??Actually, the president is my boyfriend,Why can’t I rely on one??” “You said that I am not sufficient enough tolerance,Then you tell me now.,Why do this color become another color version??” Summer,Every word of Yue Lingxi,Let her feel free。 NS2420chapter Lu Hao hugs me Instead, Yue Lingxi,Calm,Even […]