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If he really becomes the mayor of Pingyang Town,Then he can’t lead him as the secretary,No way,This is definitely a good opportunity,Move down Deputy Mayor Zhao and have a new one,Are you afraid that he won’t listen to yourself??When Secretary Wang thought of this,I immediately grabbed the phone on the desk。

Sent away Wang Youcai,Deputy Chief Zhao dare not go anywhere,Although it is broad daylight,But I have 100,000 yuan in my drawer,In case something goes missing,Then he really can’t tell。 For this,He was going to Zhangwangcun this afternoon,That can only be cancelled。So Deputy Mayor Zhao sat in the office and started to deal with some documents.。 […]

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The ground of the big snake pill is now broken.,A figure quickly rushed out,A punch is dried to the face of the big snake.。

“what!”Big snake pills can’t believe,He is actually sneak attack。 Even the dark part of being isolated is also stunned.。 But the figure does not give him a chance,Blade,Take the head of the big snake pill。 There is also Chuckra on the top of the knife.,Bring a blue blue。 The big snake pill is quickly avoided,But […]

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“no problem。”

Summer is very happy to nod。 This sentence,The fat man stands up.,Face。 Confused,After one,Now。 only,Summer next sentence,But let the left hall have a stiffness,Overcast。 “Pay first,Underdeveloped,One million。”Summer bowed in the hand in the hand,Long,“Mr. Zuo is a guest or。” One million? Request or do? Following the people of Zura, don’t know the details,I can’t react […]

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Su Luo nodded,Secretly relieved,Tao:“can。”</P>

</P> There are dozens of lineups,Su Luo’s mouth twitched involuntarily,Look hard,Tao:“Classmate,Signature can,But i’m afraid i don’t have so much time。”</P> </P> just,Chena,Jia Ge,When Haitao and the others are leaving,Specially asked him,Stay and have a meal together。</P> </P> Su Luo thought,It doesn’t matter,Agreed。</P> </P> They all changed clothes,But I am stuck here。</P> </P> Quiet girl quickly,Tao:“Just […]

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“up to you。”Wang Yi said。

Bought food at a nearby restaurant,Then I bought some bread and mineral water in the convenience store。these things,Enough for one person for four or five days。 Carrying things,Went back to her home。 Had a meal with her。 “I am leaving。”I said。 “When will you come next time?”Wang Yi looked at me pitifully。 I shook my […]

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Black left。

White to the right。 Two colors,Gradually condensed into two eyes, black and white。 Just like his eyes。 Left black and right white! Sweat drenched his face。 He wanted to grab Yan Ruyu by the collar,One question:“How much do you see?” But he didn’t ask,because,Yan Ruyu is still watching,and,With Yan Ruyu constantly looking up,His eyes have […]

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While Zhao Dabao was conspired,Qi Ba is also extremely fast measuring the situation on the field。

The scene is obvious,Sui city forces headed by Mr. Zhao,In Zhao Dabao‘Poisoning’After the strength is greatly reduced,Failure is only a matter of time。 but,Defeat is defeat,Does not mean defeat,In case Mr. Zhao breaks through,The next situation is hard to say。 Mr. Zhao,That’s a legend in the legend,Not only forceful,Personality is even more important。 Once Mr. […]

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Zhang Xinhe was angry,“Don’t follow me today,I want you to look good tomorrow!”

He finished,Leave angrily。 I didn’t get up to see you off。 because,I have torn my face with him,Send or not,It doesn’t matter anymore。 Pick up the cigarette on the table,I sucked two in a row。 At the moment in my heart,Quite sad。 Worked in this company for several years,From today’s situation,I’m afraid I won’t go […]

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This letter from Hou Sparrow is very sincere,It can be said that bringing Lei Tianzi is the gospel,However, Tianzi Lei saw through the information the unwillingness and cunning in the heart of No.。

Hornsparrow mentions one:“Afterwards only take a corner of the Black Jiao Xing。” This sentence says,The post-war Black Jiao star belongs to the horns,Or only half of Black Jiaoxing、one third、One quarter of the site?What is the specific boundary?? No mention in the jade slip,This is the most obvious flaw,According to reason,Since it is an alliance,I’m going […]

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She frowned and looked at me,Then said,“Damn,I swear before,Can’t talk nonsense,If nonsense,So I won’t be able to marry forever!”

I looked at her with a smile on my face,In my mind,What excuses。 Swear this kind of thing,You can also believe? The three-year-old didn’t believe it,Really treat me as a fool。 Shimeng seems to know,This does not make sense。 “Damn,do not care,Let me tell you。”Shi Meng said,“My dad is actually a director of the Yao […]