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“UNo problem,But when actually building,Found it impossible to make。”

Liu Quan continued,These words were addressed to Qin Hao。 “What to do then?This is related to military background,The investment alone cost hundreds of billions,”Flying Wolf said in a deep voice,Look very ugly。 Although this is not directly related to the Jagged Blade,But when it comes to military background,Can’t help but not pay attention。 “Is there […]

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Anyway, I am very hungry now.,I want to accompany you to catch fish.,Give me a good time.。”

Looking at Jiang Shuyan’s goldfish mouth,Li Rong Life:“rest assured,This will give you,Five minutes。” Say,Li Hui is directly with a fresh wooden bar and then wear directly into the corn rod.。 Directly on the flame roast。 soon,The fragrance of corn is passed out.,Even occasionally accompanied by the sound of 噼,This makes Jiang Shuyan not shackles his […]

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Wang wants to think,Side ahead:“Since it comes to the position division,Then I will say the problem after the merger after the merger.。

Our idea is,After the merger,Tiansheng and Baidu can be used as two teams,mutual cooperation,But also maintained an appropriate internal competition,This improves work efficacy,Can also successfully solve the problem after the merger,How do you feel??” Ok,The third question doesn’t have to mention themselves,The king will first answer……Baidu is a bit hard laughing。 Business venue is the […]

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this matter,He did not expect it completely。

How is the end of the end,Will suddenly become like this。 But now,Urgent,It seems not to ponder these times。 As for next,How should I solve these things?,It is a top priority,Most important。 so,When the sight of Situ,The eyes are dead and dead。 “this matter,Who is dry。” To know,There,But his Situ Zhuo’s most beloved daughter。 So […]

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A few words,Qin Hao noticed a slight threat,Leng Feng could actually detect his every move。

“Didi,Target person Leng Feng,Spicy shot,Straightforward personality,The all-round top special forces are especially good at assaults。” “Good physical fitness,explosive force72,power91,speed93……” “Qin Hao,Xiaozhuang told me all about you,not bad,Loaded off-road to break records,Very physical。” “People like you should stay with us,Only our iron and blood knife is qualified to accept you。” Leng Feng said,Big tone,To be frank, […]

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The two did not ask what I did in the summer.。

I haven’t even speaking with him.,Instead, the whispering of each other is in the bedroom of Liu Qingqing.。 “Old willow,Wait a moment。” Summer shouted her,Welcome the eyes of the two people,Say,“I have something in these days.,Don’t go to work。” Narrate。 Liu Qingqing,头 头,“it is good。” Qinling is also a complex look,Want to say,But finally did […]

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Xia Jian sighed and said:“Pingdu is just such a piece of fat,I was preempted by you,Then I seem to be unable to make the soup”

“You are too polite,Wang Youcai knows your ability。Talk about it!Where do you want to develop this project,I’m here,Just a phone call,Everything can be done” Wang Youcai was talking and laughing,The eyes keep floating on Guan Tingna’s body。Who is Guan Tingna?,She feels disgusted when she sees Wang Youcai,So she doesn’t even look at Wang Youcai。 From […]

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Lu Wei,Lu Hao Cheng’s father,Dressed in a gray home service,Sitting on the sofa,Looking serious about Lu Haozheng。

NS33chapter:She also NS33chapter:She also Another long phase is not as good as Lu Haozheng,Lu Haokai,Qin Ning did not marry when he was married.,Just marching the sun and a woman。 Lu Haokai’s side,Sitting a proud woman,It is Lu Zi Si。 Lu Haocheng has a sister,Just when it is a teenager,Just sent to foreign reading。 I later […]