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Henan Fuyang: Cultural Cooperatives Training Taiwan Pillar

This is a minority of the Shuyang County Cultural Cooperative Service Festival. In recent years, Shuyang County has focused on strengthening the construction of cultural cooperatives, innovation methods, playing positions, and gradually achieving the transformation of cultural culture into cultural culture, with the basis of cultural revitalization, leading the village.

The team is sound and participating together. Fuyang continues to broaden public cultural service channels, build special rural cultural brands, due to the local system should be resource resources, the construction team, formed the three-level linkage working mechanism of the county cultural museum as the total, township as the branch, the village-level interaction. The General Site highlights, builds a brand, coordinated coordination; branch is a bridge link, integrating resources, forming a brand; cooperatives excavating talents, helping each other, and strengthening the team. At present, the county has built a total of 1 general, 13 branches, 29 cultural cooperatives, opera, calligraphy, photography, non-legacy professional and characteristic cultural cooperatives. Formed a work pattern of coordinated development, mutual supplementation and common effort in counties, townships and villages.

Finishing, serving the people.

I think the construction of rural cultural cooperatives is a people’s livelihood project and the people’s heart project. Take the photography cultural cooperative, through the training of professional knowledge such as mobile phone photography, shake, let the fellow objects, agricultural products, etc. Fusion. Li Jingtang, chairman of the Puyang County Photographer Association, feels deep. Innovation method, agglomeration.

Organize you, I will come to the square dance, drums, drama and other training, guide the grassroots people to host, self-edited, self-cultivation, and enrich the cultural life of the masses. Up to now, 29 cultural cooperatives in Shuyang County have cultivated more than 600 latts, and training more than 2,430 cultural backbone, including more than 30 regular performance programs, and organize more than 320 games in various cultural activities, benefiting from 420,000 people and tourists. . Under the driving of cultural cooperatives, the popularity and economic benefits of rural and scenic spots have risen sharply. (Wu Hui Xi Wu Yizhen.